Preparing For Your Maternity Photoshoot To-Do List

Preparing for the maternity photoshoot can be overwhelming. A professional maternity photoshoot session is not just a photo shoot to brag about. It is the celebration of your newborn baby who is about to arrive. It is also a great way to document your journey as a mother, most notably the before and after your child’s birth.

This incredible celebration deserves to be captured.  We understand that you might not have done this type of shoot before, or you might have, but it’s still a lot to take in. Don’t worry; we have you covered. We have put together some tips and ideas to better prepare you for this incredible journey to get the most out of the photo shoot.

Choose between studio and outdoor Maternity Photoshoot. #

After you have finalized your Maternity photoshoot booking, you will need to decide what kind of shoot you want regarding the scenery.

There are many types of maternity Photography sessions, the most popular ones being studio and outdoor maternity photoshoots.

Choosing between these two has a significant role in how your photos look. #

AT TC productions, our Maternity Studio shoots tend to be more formal and more controlled, with the photographer telling you precisely what poses to do. We use props and backdrops to enhance the look of your photos. Maternity photoshoot studio sessions take more time than Maternity outdoor shoots because they’re more complicated. Still, they can give better results with sufficient and unrushed time.

Maternity Outdoor Photo shoots are usually less formal than studio ones and allow for creative freedom and spontaneity. The photographer will often tell you where to stand or sit while taking pictures of the natural scenery.

Schedule Your Maternity Photoshoot Early #

To avoid discomfort during your Maternity photoshoot, you should book early. The recommended time for your maternity photo session is during the third trimester. 

This is usually between 28 and 32weeks. At this stage, your baby bump will look good, and you will still be able to move comfortably. While doing your maternity photo session later during your pregnancy is still possible, you are more likely to face a few challenges posing and moving around.

maternity photoshoot studio
Preparing For Your Maternity Photoshoot To-Do List 11

Have enough sleep the night before. #

Getting decent sleep during pregnancy might be very hard. However, getting at least 8 hours of sleep the night before your Maternity photography session will benefit your comfortability the following day. That way, you will be revived, calm, and refreshed.

Carefully decide who to bring along.

Your immediate family members are welcome at your maternity session, especially if you want to bring along other family members or your spouse. Just remember that additional persons might be a distraction and make you feel less comfortable during the session, so avoid bringing friends and extended family members along.

What to bring to your Maternity Photo session #

You can bring anything of sentimental value to you. Things like your childhood toys or your baby blanket. This is also a perfect time to bring your new baby shoes, clothes, and others. All these mementos have a unique role in adding that personal feeling to all your images. 

What to Wear. #

Take your time to choose what to wear during your session. It is recommended that the Outfit selection be made and tried the night before. You are welcome to bring various clothing, Ranging from casual to flowy dresses. Stretchy fabrics are a must-have for great maternity photos, be sure to include a lot of stretchy fabrics and maxi dresses; this is for the best results as well as your comfortability.

Additionally, we recommend including a gown in your wardrobe selection to enhance the look and feel of your maternity photography session. This is the perfect excuse to go shopping if you don’t have a gown or stretchy fabrics. You can have a look at the various gown options here. We want to make it perfect.

If you are bringing along family members, Ensure that you are the one to choose their outfits so that they align with your theme for the day. 

No elastic bands and Elastic Clothes #

When you come to your session, it’s essential to dress comfortably. However, remove any clothes with elastic bands at least an hour before your shoot. Elastic leaves mark your skin, and you want your skin to look naturally smooth. Also, remove any hair ties or other tight bands from your wrists.

Stick to Simple Colors #

When pregnant, keeping your wardrobe as simple as possible is essential. You and your bump will be the focus of all your photos, so don’t wear any bright colors or loud patterns that will distract from your fantastic transformation. Instead, stick with neutral colors and jewel tones that look great with any background and skin tone.

Preparation on the day of the Photoshoot #

Please hire a professional hair stylist and a professional makeup artist for this milestone. For the best results, it is recommended that you hire a professional because the perfection of your photos depends on their professionalism.  Ensure that your makeup is non-greasy and it is applied evenly. Please avoid using a lot of artificial products and overdoing some. The more natural you look, the better.

Snacks and Food.

Although we don’t allow wet, sticky, and oily foods in our studio and anytime during the session, you are welcome to pack any dry snacks and bottled water to consume during the session. Snacks will help boost your energy levels when you feel tired. 

Children during the maternity photoshoot #

Should you decide to include your other children in your maternity shoot. Make sure that their photos are done before your shots, and arrange for someone to pick them up as soon as their session is completed. This helps you focus on your shots without distracting or being concerned about them getting bored.

Don’t Stress

If you’re feeling anxious about your photo session, remember that we will be there to help guide you and take great photos. Everything will go smoothly, and you’ll be able to enjoy your session!

Thank you for going through our guidelines. We strive to get perfection out of every shoot and recommend you use it. However, if you have ideas that differ from the above, we will try our best to work with them without guarantees. 

Thank you for choosing TC productions.

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