Things to do before your Photoshoot session

If you’re planning on having a photoshoot session soon, here are some things you should do to prepare! Photoshoots can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a lot of work. From picking the perfect outfit to ensuring your hair and makeup are on point, there’s a lot to consider. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some things to do before your photoshoot session to ensure it goes off without a hitch.

Hair and Makeup.

Have Your Hair Done Professionally

Pamper yourself with a professional hairdo. If you’re not sure what to do with your hair, consider how you want your photographs to appear. A loose and simple hairstyle may be ideal if you prefer a more casual appearance. However, for a formal look at your images, you might as well go with an elegant hairstyle.

Consider Hiring a Makeup Artist #

For the best results, a professional makeup session is compulsory

Some photographers might include a makeup session in their packages which is great. At TC productions, we allow you to choose your preferred makeup artist so you can look your best. 

Professional makeup artists understand the art of makeup application that works better for different looks. Make sure your eyes and lips are well defined by applying precise yet outstanding lip care and eye shadows. Please do not do it yourself.

Take advantage of your next photoshoot session and spoil yourself with a professional manicure session because your hands will show on all most all your images. So you will want them to look good. 

What to wear for Your Photoshoot Session:  #

Dress for the weather! Whether your Photoshoot is in the Studio or outdoors, We want everyone comfortable! 

For Women, we recommend that they wear dresses at knee level of Longer. Gentlemen shouldn’t wear tighter pants as well. Overall, whatever you decide to wear, ensure that if it’s a dress, it is not too short when you bend over and doesn’t show undergarments when seated. If it is pants, please ensure that they are not too tight, Ensure that they allow you to move, walk and sit.

Ladies, please consider your choice of lingerie and bras. For example, don’t wear a white dress, with dark underwear that would show through the clothing. Make sure to bring along lacy lingerie should you intend on shooting partially nude photos. Nude undies and strapless bras are always great recommendations for us to avoid having inappropriate-looking images.

We have substantial experience working with photoshop. However, Editing things that could have been avoided, like bra straps and panty liners, is a complicated and expensive practice that takes a lot of time. Please ensure you follow the guidelines, and if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Opt for comfortable shoes and get a few more pairs to change into should you start feeling uncomfortable. 

Lastly, for Gentlemen, Please remember to remove things like wallets, cellphones, and keys from your pocket. Before starting the Photoshoot, they tend to look pretty much bulky and quite distractive.

What to Bring to Your Photoshoot Session:  #

Photoshoot sessions are quite memorable events; bringing along sentimental items can make a great addition to your memory collection. These include things like your watches and family gifts, usually passed from one generation to the other. Or anything that has sentimental value to your life is welcome. 

  • Props

Our Studio does provide some general props to enhance your photoshoot experience. However, since you know precisely what look you are going for and what goals you are trying to achieve, you are welcome to bring your props, and these can include accessories such as 

Bowties or ties, suspenders, sun hats, Mexican kind of hats, flower headbands or crowns, Old or vintage chunky scarves, beautiful modern flowing dresses, and funky skirts— These type of additions create a more creative and memorable look and allows your photographer to capture more appealing photos that stand out.

  • Extra pair of Clothes

Bringing an extra pair of clothes is very important if you are going for different looks. Or generally, if you have kids, just in case they get dirty. However, Photoshoot sessions are timed; please ensure that you have booked enough time to include a clothes change; to avoid wasting time. 

  • Touch-ups

We know that things might get a little messy during the photo shoot session. You are welcome to bring in a hairbrush, Makeup brush, and extra lipstick for touch-up purposes where possible.

  • Snacks

Bring along dry snacks to indulge in during the session, should you feel that you might get a little hungry ( No Meals – Just Dry snacks ). We will not allow anything wet or anything that will be oily during the session.

If you have kids, bringing along snacks and candy will be great if you know that they quickly get bored, and you will only pull the snacks out when they start acting up to have them corporate till the end of the shoot. 

  • Beer

If a beer can help loosen you up before and during your Photoshoot session, bring it along. We want you to be as comfortable as you can be.

Keep Hydrated – and Don’t forget your breakfast. #

Drinking Plenty of water before and during the photoshoot session will help you stay hydrated. If you are reasonably hydrated, your skin will look fresher and younger throughout the session. Your energy levels will remain high. Even if you are nervous about standing in front of the camera, Plenty of drinking water will keep you calm. Ensure that you don’t skip breakfast so you won’t get easily weak or hungry during your Photoshoot session.

How to Pose During Your Photo Session:  #

Posing is the most crucial part of your Photoshoot. Please pay attention to this section.

Going cheese is not necessary during photoshoot sessions. As professional photographers, we strive to capture authentic expressions. We will need your help to capture the best candid moments by relaxing and interacting with your photographer or your family playfully.

Relaxation, Playfulness, Snuggling, and tickling will help us capture real fun moments.

Looking at the camera is not a requirement; it is suitable for the authenticity of your photos; if you don’t look at the camera.

If it is a group, a family, or a couple’s shoot, we advise that the gentlemen look at either their partner or the kids. If you are unsure what to do, You can look at your family or spouse with a great loving smile.

Be sure to stand very close with no gaps in between.

Take it easy and relax without forcing anything. If you feel pressured, speak to your photographer.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be all perfect, but it has to be as authentic as possible. 

If your Children start getting hard to control, don’t worry about them. Just focus on the Photoshoot and leave the rest for us. As professional photographers, We’ve seen it all before, and Rest assured, They will be just fine. Just snuggle or hug them, and continue being playful; we will capture the best moments.

If we need to change positions and different spots, Your photographer will guide you on that. The more variety of photos, the best gallery you will be able to create. Remember, Photoshoots are supposed to be fun; therefore- Enjoy the moment and don’t be hard on yourself.

What to Expect After Your Photo Session #

Once done with your photo shoot session, Your work is halfway through, and you can now relax and wait for the final edited pictures to be out.

We will start the post-production process, which includes selecting the best photos and removing the unwanted, duplicates, blinks, blurs, and substandard photos. Your fully edited photos should be ready approximately three days from the shooting date, depending on the time of the year and the workload. If this won’t be the case, further details will be communicated to you.

Suppose you had opted to have a printed album or printed canvasses. In that case, we will go ahead and design and send you a PDF approval before we proceed with printing. You can order your printables separately if your package doesn’t include any printed items.

Delivery times will be extended if any printing is involved because we don’t print in-house.

To preserve memories, we encourage you to print an album or canvas; You can choose to print with us or with any reputable lab. Printing your memories will ensure that your memories are preserved for you and your future generation.

Lastly, this Photoshoot preparation guide is designed to assist you in having a smooth and pleasant experience. If you are still deciding on booking us, Have a look at our photoshoot packages here.

We would also like to end by thanking you for choosing TC productions. We are very excited about being the ones that will help you capture the very best of your family memories in real-time.

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