What your Johannesburg wedding photographers will like to share with you but don’t want to seem rude.

It is a known fact that all couples looking to get married soon will need a wedding photographer who can take beautiful photos for their big day. All Johannesburg wedding photographers always appreciate the chance given to them to be part of your wedding.

Communicating with your Photographer is the perfect key to getting beautiful shots. It’s not all the professionals that can open up and tell you what they think, however in this article we have covered lots of information they might not share with you, without offending you.

Johannesburg wedding photographers don’t have mind-reading superpowers.

Johannesburg Wedding Photographers

Though your wedding photographer can not read your mind, deep inside their hearts they wish they could. So they will know the type of photos that you have always wanted for your wedding. With that said, it makes it the couple’s responsibility to communicate with the photographers what they like and what they don’t.

You must sit with your Johannesburg wedding photographers just to bounce some ideas including a list of the photos you will like on your perfect day.

Wedding photographers Johannesburg cannot perform magic.

Professional photographers always thrive to get the best shots as per your request, but expecting them to make it look like photography from Hollywood stars is highly unlikely. You might have photography styles you saw on the internet that’s great inspiration! Always remember that your wedding photographers Johannesburg are artists too, so asking them to copy someone’s work is a violation of the copyright act. So, don’t expect the photos to be the same as the ones you saw on Instagram.

Can you photoshop that out?

That’s a famous question from the bride to be’s. The answer is yes and no, the reason being it depends on what that is. Your wedding photographers Gauteng will want to get everything as perfect as it is on camera. Choosing the location, posing and camera settings are easy to fix.

However, If there are photo bombers during your shoot that photograph will have to be retaken. It’s not a photoshop solution. Its easier to get it right the first time than to rely on post-production. Your wedding photographers Gauteng will spend a lot of time trying to fix photos on photoshop and under normal circumstances that might come at a fee.

Give your wedding photographers enough time.

Time guides and enough planning will give your wedding photographers the greatest joy. Nonetheless, flexibility needs to be there. Getting a perfect shot requires time. In any case, it may take longer than you think about photography. For exceptional photos, don’t rush your wedding photographers! Unless if you are not looking for perfect shots but documentary kind of pictures then any given timeframe should do.

Give your wedding photographers enough time

Cleaning up is essential!

As a bride or a groom, you will know the time you expect your wedding photographer to start shooting. Never forget to clean up or hide things that might spoil your photographs in the closet. Make sure there are no cups, shoes sometimes even hair lying around. Some of those little things might not seem as important to take away during the photography session, but the camera will see it all.

You might not see all the wedding photographs taken on the day.

You honestly don’t want to see all the wedding photographs taken at your wedding. A professional wedding photographer will filter through all the photos taken and select only the best ones. Photos will then go through the time-consuming task of editing them. Editing over 1500 photos (if not furthermore) Will not happen.

Flexibility is important in wedding photography.

Wedding photography is not meant to last the entire day and you will not like to pose far more than required. However, if a need arises that it will present great shots, Its recommended that you go with it.

Make me look good at my wedding photos.

Couples might often find that they don’t like their wedding photos, causes to these are either the position you are in at that present moment, Disturbance from guests or phone calls, Sometimes even the fake smile. Nonetheless, your Johannesburg wedding photographer will go far and beyond to make you comfortable or even suggest positions or poses that will look and most importantly feel natural to you and your partner.

If at any given time your pose feels unnatural or uncomfortable, communicate with your wedding photographer. Remember to always relax and leave extra time between your photoshoot and the next item on your program.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before your wedding day and avoid hangovers so that you have all the energy, Drinking lots of water will keep you brighter and less exhausted during the photoshoot.

Can I get more discount because you are too expensive?

Not too many people are aware that Johannesburg wedding photographers perform a lot of work. Wedding photography is not about pressing the shutter now and again to get the best photos. A lot more work is involved including the planning, getting the gear, making travel arrangements, editing and even selecting unwanted photos.

I want my wedding photos to be the same as my cousin’s wedding photos.

Always remember that each photography professional has their their style of editing photos and there are different types of computer software used to edit photos. This is what photography professionals call post-production or post-processing. There are many beautiful styles and approaches that photography professionals might take when editing. So be sure you like their style before you book them.

I don’t have time for photography now but will decide on that a week before the wedding.

Professional wedding photographers are always in high demand. It is highly recommended that you book your preferred professional wedding photographer 6 months to 12 months in advance. If you wait until the last minute, they might be booked at that time and you will end up having entry-level photographers or no photographer at all.

If you tried to book your first choice Johannesburg wedding photographer in advance but they are not available. Don’t be scared to ask them for recommendations as they might know someone with a similar style. We wish you all the best of luck in finding your best wedding photographer Johannesburg, and if you have we trust that this article will be more than helpful to help you plan for your perfect wedding.

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