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Professional DJ Services

Professional Dj services to keep the night alive

Offering Professional Dj Services in a very competitive industry might seem like an easy task. It takes a lot of planning, dedication, and hard work. At Tc productions, we do understand that it takes a lot more than music to have your guests at the dance floor the whole night.

A Johannesburg professional DJ services provider needs to be a great DJ with skills, professionalism, Great work ethic, Party lover and needs to have a great sound system and must also have experience playing at weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events.

The DJ plays a big part at any event, especially weddings. He needs to be able to work with all kinds of people even the ones who can put special requests on the day.

Our professional Dj's are classy, experienced, and can as well take on the role of MC should the need arise, please discuss this with us well in advance.

We have the necessary skills, state of the art equipment that helps us to keep your wedding reception on track the whole night, with meaningful requests, playlists, introductions as well as good music.

We have crafted a variety of packages to help keep the party alive. Should you feel that the packages below don't meet your needs please contact us with your requests, we will gladly custom make a package for you.

  • Package A

  • R6000
    Or R549.00 P/M On Credit
  • 8 Hours Coverage
    1x 18” Bass Bin
    1x 15” Speaker
    1 microphone
    Mixer +Aux Connection

  • Package B

  • R8000
    Or R732.00 P/M On Credit
  • 10 Hours Coverage
    1x 18” Bass Bin
    2x 15” Speakers
    2x Microphones
    Amplifier + Mixer

  • Premium Package

  • R9500
    Or R869.00 P/M On Credit
  • 12 Hours Coverage
    1× Dual 18” Bass Bin
    2× 15” Speakers
    2× Microphones
    Mixer + Crossover

Our DJ Services

Do you need a quote for our professional DJ Services? We are always looking forward to hearing from you

How much does a wedding DJ cost?


Professional wedding Dj prices start from R5000 all the way up to R12 000 or R15 000 depending on the size of the wedding and the needs for the wedding.

How to find a wedding DJ?

Finding a wedding Dj can be quite simple. you will need to check with your wedding photographer if they already have the wedding DJ services on their packages. You can also do a google search like " professional Dj services " and you will get results based on your search, alternatively you can search in your local directory.

What does a DJ do at a wedding

At Weddings DJs play music at the matrimonial service when the bride, groom, and bridal party walk down the aisle and in between the service as well as the time when the bride and groom walkout. A DJ will also play music during the reception to entertain the guests as well as ceremonies, like cake cutting, first dance, bouquet and gutter throwing, etc.

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