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Cinematic wedding Video and traditional wedding video.

Can you compare the two?

Comparing Cinematic wedding video and traditional wedding Video is like comparing a short story to an epic tale. You can read short stories that interest you but you have to read it a couple of times before you fully understand. You might even become bored with it. On the other hand, an Epic tale is a book you can read a couple of times without getting tired.

It’s the same with cinematic wedding video better known as cinematography which is gaining its trend in the 21st century, The cinematic wedding video is rather short but original, creative and shows emotional memory, because of the way it's edited it can be watched over and over again without getting tired for a long time.

Only a few people still like the good old ways of traditional videography which might get boring because it’s just too lengthy. However, if it’s done properly this option will document your wedding day in its entirety. If done by an amateur or a novice in most cases this can be friends or relatives it might not be clear as to what goal they were trying to achieve because most parts will be out of focus and usually some important parts might go missing because they would have been enjoying the wedding.

While there is no problem with the traditional wedding video, it may surely suit some people as we have different preferences. The bitter truth is that it doesn’t have the same feeling or creativity that cinematic wedding video can offer.

Professionals who capture cinematic wedding videos can be best known as wedding cinematographers. In Wedding cinematography, you should expect perfect highlights for the day which makes a heart-warming story. A good wedding cinematographer is quite creative, more like a movie director, they possess the tools, creativity, professional eye and vision to capture the most memorable and beautiful memories of an event then put them together to make a fully detailed story.

Cinematic wedding video or traditional wedding video?

At TC productions we offer you both traditional wedding videography and cinematic wedding video options to line up with your style in a way that it communicates with your emotions. We have compiled traditional wedding video highlights, and cinematic wedding video highlights to help with your research before you choose which option you want to go with. Our professionals make sure that whatever option you choose will tell your story.

About Pearl and Philemon.

They wanted a mix of both worlds which including the feel of traditional wedding video style and the cinematic wedding video style. The couple made sure that their request for a mix of both options doesn’t go to waste by incorporating a wedding dress that peal design and the cake she baked herself, which is more traditional and yet beautiful. To make sure that the cinematic style approach is achieved she arrived on a horse carriage at Oakfield Farm. This is just an example of how you can incorporate the two or have one of the options.

For the ultimate experience, we invite you to have a look at Pearl and Philemon wedding Video which showcases both traditional and cinematic styles.

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