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Great ideas for appealing Wedding invitations.

The wedding invitations are quite unique and the trending options are endless. To have a wedding that stands out you can start by planning on how your invitation will look like. There are plenty of ways to create beautiful wedding invitations that will depict your love as a couple and your personalities as two individuals being joined together in love.

Types of wedding invitations to think of when planning your big day.

  1. Photo invitation / Printed invitation.

Although this type of invitation is losing its grip in the wedding industry it's always good if you are planning to go the old school route. This option may not be cost-friendly depending on the number of guests you are planning to invite.

  1. Video invitations

Video invitations are now the second-highest in the trend of wedding invitations. At TC productions this is one of our best options as it is included in almost all the packages. Video invitations can be broken into two categories. These include video invitations and slideshow invitations.

2(a)- Video invitations are basically the video recording of the couple verbally inviting the guests and giving the guests all the details for the wedding.

2(b) Slideshow invitations also called video invitations to require a couple to either have a pre-wedding photoshoot if they are going the unique and top-class approach. All the details for the wedding will be written in every slide while showcasing the photos from the photoshoot, together with the couple’s favorite song.

These types of wedding invitations can be sent to guests via WhatsApp or email to save you the printing costs.

  1. Online wedding invitations/website invitations

Online Wedding Invitations are our best sellers. 99% of our clients prefer online invitations to video or printed because:

3(1) These finest superior invitations are of the Morden couples who are likely to invite guests who have full access to the internet as this invitation is solely web-based.

3(b) All the wedding details are included, these include the following

  • Wedding dates and starting times.
  • Wedding venue and maps/directions.
  • Dress code
  • Gift registry link to the stores
  • Easy RSVP form and details go straight to the wedding planner, coordinator, or the couple’s inbox.
  • Bridal party’s details including their photos.
  • Couple’s story on how they met (IF they wish to disclose)
  • Personalized domain e.g. (www.josephwedsmarry.co.za)
  • Any other details that are vital for an invitation to be complete.


Video and Website or online invitations are included in our packages and are crafted with the idea that a couple should not spend a fortune on wedding invitations if there are still expensive matters which include, wedding dress, venue, rings, and wedding photography or videography. At TC productions we invite you to check out our all-inclusive packages and specials to help you spend wisely while planning your big day.

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