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How to get the best out of Photography at a wedding.

Photography is the most important service you need for your wedding to document the special moments. Friends and family that are part of the wedding from all walks of life will want to remember this special occasion too. Booking a professional photographer might seem expensive however it is the right thing to do. Consult with your preferred Professional for your photography needs. Professional wedding photographers always have the right equipment to successfully capture everlasting memories.

Planning process.

Meet with your wedding photographer to see their photography portfolio, this is to make sure you like their style, share with them some samples of photographs that you want to be taken. Don’t forget to take a notepad to write down important notes and your ideas.

Go over the wedding program with your photographer.

Creating a photography timeline will help you save time and make sure you get value for money. The timeline should include details of all proceedings, e.g. The time you will get dressed, time of walking down the aisle, photoshoot, lunch, or dinner time.

Know more about your photographer.

Weddings usually involve a large group of people, make sure your photographer has done weddings with the same number of guests or even more. Make sure you have written down your friends and family you want on the photographs, this will save you the disappointment of missed shots because your Photographer doesn’t know anyone! so if they are following a written guide every guest will be photographed.
Make it clear to your photographer who your VIP’s are so they are in all your important shots.

Visit the venue with your Photographer to scout for photography locations.

Visiting the venue with your photographer will give the photography professional an idea of what angles and how to position him or herself on the day. The Photographer will also be able to point out the best photography locations.

Reading your photography contract.

Wedding photography contracts are there to protect you, make sure you read and sign it in time. It is the signing of the contract that most photographers use to reserve your date. The contract also includes the terms and conditions that will be followed before and after the wedding. The addresses and contact info and the amount you pay is normally included in the contract. If your photographer doesn’t have one ask them to create one for you so you know you are safe.

Wedding day proceedings.

Appoint a family representative who will assist your wedding photographer in gathering your guests. Make sure you advise the representative in charge that the photographer is a professional and is working on a timeline and according to your wishes so they wouldn’t be unnecessary requests that will divert your plans and waste time.

Ask for a pre-wedding Photoshoot.

Most packages usually include a pre-wedding photoshoot however if the package you chose doesn’t have, make sure you ask your photographer to add one as a complementary or for an extra fee. Pre-wedding photoshoots help you see the photography style and correct some errors if possible. This will also prepare you for your wedding day because being in front of the camera is not as easy as it looks.


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