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Professional Photographer

Important details to consider when hiring a professional Photographer.

Finding a professional photographer for your wedding can be rather a daunting task but not if you put too much effort in it. When looking for a professional photographer make sure you do the following:

  1. List down all the photographers you have found.
  2. check their portfolios and reviews before making that call.

You might find that the rates vary because a professional photographer is defined by the quality of their work not the price. This might be confusing with big cities being filled with photographers in every corner, what you need to know is that to get a professional photographer Johannesburg will be like hiring someone for a full-time job.

Types of Photographers.

New photographers or the just started type of Photographer.

These types of photographers are usually qualified fresh from college, It might be confusing because they are passionate about their work but they are starting out and they want to get their business off the ground. This doesn't make them any less professional they just need time to practice their skills.

The Hobbyist

The Hobbyist are not any way near professional, they have a heart, love and passion, however they are not doing photography for a living. These are the one I call the I don’t care type because they have full time jobs, they are doing photography because they can afford an expensive camera. They are most likely not to take every booking because professional photography is time consuming.

The chancers

The chancers are the ones who don’t have a portfolio or even if they do chances are its not theirs. They are not skilled, not passionate they just want money and once they get the money they are satisfied. After doing your thorough research and you find that one is a chancer is better you stay away from them as they don’t have an idea of what they are doing.

The Professional Photographer

The professional photographer is mostly fully booked for the busy season or the entire time because they do their job so well that some clients might change their wedding dates just to accommodate the photographer. This might sound untrue but we have had numerous clients changing their entire plans just to make sure we capture their day. This doesn't make us any different to the ones I mentioned above, we somehow started there but worked ourselves to the top. We treat every client with respect and make sure that we exceed our client's expectations and need by so doing our prices stay reasonable and the quality is not compromised. We will still offer you the highest quality of work and we look for ways to help you save by offering the essential services under one roof. We always advise our prospective clients to book us way in advance, to avoid disappointment.

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