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Studio photography

Making the leap from part-time to full-time studio photography.

How good is studio photography?
Your leap to studio photography is good for personal and industrial growth. Trying your hand in-studio Photography will mean more income and trustworthiness if you have been taking vacation pictures and family events.

Advantages of studio photography to shooting outside.
1. Studio photography shoots are usually different from outdoor photos.
2. Better control of lighting and style and approach.
3. Learning new techniques and trying effects using lights.
4. Better looking photographs.

Before entering into the studio photography ask your self a couple of questions.
1. Do you like interacting with models of different shapes and sizes?
2. Do you find joy in directing models and moving things around?
3. Can you create better images rather than capturing them?
4. Are you ready to think outside the box?

If your answer is no its time to rethink your options. If one of your answers to the above is hell yeah, then don’t hesitate to make the jump to studio photography.
Studio photography requires that you have a different workflow than the one you are used to. Taking one shot may take you longer than you think.

Familiarize yourself with lighting and different types of set up and all the technicalities that come with the responsibility. It's always a good idea to learn how you handle the flash before you get overly excited. Have different kinds of backdrops that will work with different subjects. If the colors match you might have a blend in a problem that is not easy to fix even on post-production.
The wardrobe and make up plays a big role in your shoots, this has to be selected carefully. This means that you need to work with a stylist and hairdressers to make sure you achieve the look you are aiming for.
While shooting you need to be very well aware of what poses your model is comfortable doing, If you are not sure it is wiser you show them how to pose and let them try it out. And lastly, be sure not to offend the models as being in front of the camera can be quite intimidating.

At TC productions we have full studio photography services that cover family photoshoots, Models, Babies, maternity photoshoots, Product shoots, and Pre-wedding photoshoots. Although we are not limited to the list above, we invite you to see how best we can make your studio photoshoot a great and memorable one.
We are fully equipped with the latest gear, equipment that we update as the technology changes. We have private changing facilities and a comfortable waiting area if you choose to come with your loved ones and they are not part of the shoot. And our Studio photographers possess the highest experience in the business. We are always developing our industry knowledge, experience, and daily trends.

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