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The Bamboo Wedding Venue Pretoria

Carl and Natasha Wedding at the Bamboo Wedding Venue

The bamboo wedding venue always turn out beautifully. It took a proper planning for Carl and Natasha to craft their perfect day. When we met them they had already booked the Bamboo Wedding Venue in Pretoria. It was about two years in advance. The couple had a goal and knew exactly what they wanted to make their day memorable. We met them at the Wedding Expo in Boksburg, Natasha fell in Love with our drone that we had on the stand. We later found out that the reason behind this was that Carl is a pilot.

The Wedding Day Build up.

After they had booked they invited us to the rehearsal lunch which took place at the Bamboo wedding Venue. It was our first time to do a wedding at the bamboo wedding venue. Looking at the sarroundings as a wedding photographer the wedding venue was not as impressive as we had imagined. Rehearsal went on and everything was properly planned. Their Wedding co-odinator knew what to do and how to do it which made  our work much easier.

Wedding day.

The summer morning finally rolled in, The set up looked like the horses stables with some throws for guests to sit on. It was pretty different. The Decor lady from the Bamboo wedding venue transformed the garden and it looked beautiful. When we arrived Natasha was busy with her make up and she had loads of gifts for carl. When we visited Carl's dressing area the guys were pretty chilled and calm. The Couple got ready and the wedding ceremony was over but extremely memorable.

The Photoshoot.

I was wondering the proper places to take pictures after the ceremony and we did the best with the bamboos that were everywhere. They Loved the Bamboo Tree i believe that's why they chose the bamboo wedding venue. Carl and Natasha made our work quite easy because they were very co-operative and helpful because they had a perfect idea of what they wanted. Tirelessly we took a alot of photos and the popped the champaine.

The Reception.

The set up was beautiful with custom made table numbers with all the guest names besides the menu. What blew my mind was that they even printed our names for the table tops which was quite unfamiliar to all the weddings we had done. They Insisted that we take photos of the reception where possible but we should enjoy the wedding. Its pretty rare that Photography and videography crew are treated with courtesy on a wedding day. In Overall their Wedding Was beaitful and they couldn't stop smiling and engaging with Every guest. It was Indeed a beautiful day and suprisingly the Bamboo wedding venue wasnt all bad.We were given a chance to take all the beautiful and creative photos using the resources available.

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