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Wedding Invitations - How to Choose the Best One for Your Big Day

Two types of wedding invitations we offer.

Wedding Invitations are the most important in any given wedding because this is where you get the word out to your friends and family. When deciding on the Wedding Invitations there are quite a number of factors that you should consider, E.g. The Older generation and the younger generation.

There has been a dramatic change on spreading the word through Wedding invitations. In Recent years we have discovered that due to the high cost of stationery most couples are trying to reduce the cost. We at TC productions we are way ahead of the game to help you save on the big day. We have introduced the Video and Online invitations that will help you save on your big day.

Video Invitations for WhatsApp

Video invitations tend to take the lead in spreading the word to your loved ones about your wedding. The advantages of having a video invitation include the fact that most people these days own a cellphone and it makes it easier to distribute. And with that said the video invitations are compatible with WhatsApp video.  We customize the videos to be compatible with WhatsApp because we know and we understand that it is the cheapest form of communication. WhatsApp Video Invitations will reach the both the young and the old in minutes.

Online Invitations

The Growing popularity of Online invitations are now taking over the wedding industry, and they tend to be easier to distribute. With Online invitations all the information regarding the wedding is on the website. It also includes the exciting story of how the couple met but most importantly is for the couple to be able to know who is attending and who is not. We have worked tirelessly to make sure that the rsvp portal is addressed and its user friendly for the guests as well as the easy notification by email for the couple. One of the biggest advantages is that the gift registry store is linked to your Wedding invitation. It makes it easier for your confirmed guests to just click on the store link and buy you your wedding gift with the option to deliver it to your house or instore pick up.


Given the two options of wedding invitations which are less expensive and cost effective it is not set on stone to choose one , you can choose both considering the fact that the video invitation might reach everyone in time , but with the online invitations , some people you are intending to invite might have challenges accessing the invitation due to the internet availability in all households.  With the above options in mind you might as well choose to have both invitations, you can have the option of sending the video invitation to the ones that can not access the internet. You can also have the online invitation to guests that have no problems with the internet, as this will be easier for you to receive the rsvp notifications.

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