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Wedding photographer Johannesburg

Searching and finding the best wedding photographer Johannesburg

When you are looking for the best wedding photographer Johannesburg , there is a certain procedure you need to follow. This is because johannesburg is now a hub of wedding photographers.

  1. Meet your prospective Wedding Photographer
  2. Ask as many questions so that you are satisfied with everything they offer.
  3. When viewing wedding photos make sure you see all the photos taken for the particular wedding.
  4. If you are Satisfied dont hesitate to book your preferred photographer immediately.

The whole idea behind this trick is that some wedding photographers Johannesburg will select only their preferred photos for advertising without you seeing the entire wedding chances are you might be going into the contract blind.

Vuyo and mamodike's wedding story.

Vuyo and Mamodike came to us looking for the Best Wedding Photographer Johannesburg. When we first met Vuyo he was very certain of what he wanted and he told us how he had tried to get the best wedding photography for his day. He also informed us that he had booked one of the most beautiful and eye-catching venues.

He had booked the Memoire wedding venue for his big day. We were very excited for him because we have done hundreds of weddings at Memoire and the venue itself is extremely beautiful. He was right about having the best guys to cover his day for video and photography to complement the wedding venue. The wedding was well planned and extra beautiful however moments leading to the wedding he was a bit skeptical about booking us, because of the pricing and after he carefully considered his options.

He did a thorough check on our work , he came and made the booking immediately as he didn't want to lose out. When we did their pre Wedding photoshoot Mamodike was rather shy and that was a bit of a concern for us because we knew we needed her to be as comfortable as possible for the wedding day.

On the day of the wedding, they were very early and very energetic and we were also energized everyone was happy, They played games carrying and throwing the bride up which turned out to be super special. They were the happiest and nicest couple we have ever met.

It is unfortunate that we were not able to do their traditional wedding, because they had a tight budget but they also didn't inform us in time that they had a second-day traditional wedding. If we had known about the traditional wedding we were going to make sure that we give them an extra discount for booking the second day too, That's how we always do with all our clients that book for two days.

We like to show off with our favorite photos captured on the day that they liked the most. This beautiful couple did not forget to thank TC productions and all wedding service providers during their thank you speech. It was a great honor for us to get so much appreciation.

Why couples choose Memoire Wedding Venue Johannesburg?

As wedding photographers Johannesburg its quite simple because Memoire has the best bridal and Gooms suite which has enough room for the bridal couple and the bride maids to do their make up and dress up. Another great feature that Memoire wedding venue has is the options for outdoor and indoor chapels. It doesnt matter the time of the year, their gardens are forever green for beautiful photos.

The Reception area.

The Wedding reception area is big and bright with so much natural light, their cake cutting area or the waiting area where the guests ussually wait and have canapes while the couple is doing the photoshoot is magnificent.The bar and the restaurant ara has friendly staff who are always there to serve all the guests with no limitations.


With great experience in wedding photography Johannesburg, we have come to appreciate the beauty of Memoire Wedding venue and their receptive staff. We have done hundreds of weddings at Memoire and surrounding areas , rest assured we will always give complements to the best venue and sometimes service providers as we have worked with many.

These are some of the images from Vuyo and Mamodike's wedding.

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Wedding photographer johannesburg
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