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Wedding photography at the zunguness wedding venue in Midlands

Destination Wedding Photography

Destination Weddings are ussually fun for both couples, the Guests and the service Providers. Destination weddings are ideal for couples who like to travel and as creative professionals in the wedding Photography industry we get pretty excited when we are afforded the oppotunity to travel the countryside and even get more creative ideas.

Travelling to the Midlands was once in a life time experience to get to meet people, and capture the images that are different from the city weddings.

We did a wedding in one of the nicest hidden gems in the Midlands called the Zunguness. Doing wedding Photography at the zunguness wedding venue afforded us the oppotunity not just to grow but to explore beautiful wedding venues in Kwazulu- Natal. We know that Kwazulu Natal is your perferct idea for a destination wedding both for our local and international clients.

Perfect Wedding Photography at a perfect venue

The Zunguness wedding venue is situated a few minutes from Pietermaritzburg and most of the bride to bes are not familiar about this beautiful venue. Getting perfect wedding photography and videography might be the on the top or the second on your wedding planning guide which makes it a priority. At TC productions we dont just do wedding photography but we create your wedding memories from the start to finish. After we are done with your wedding even the guests that were meant to attend and couldnt make it will get the best feel of the wedding. We capture every detail , every tear drop and every laughter. We capture the dance , the food and more dance . Your Wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives that you don't want to repeat.

Photography and videography at the Zunguness wedding venue.

To make it even more beautiful we also use our drone for drone wedding photography, drone videography and areal views of the entire place. We make you feel like a prince and a princess or king and queen with the type of service we offer you. Its total royality. As a complement to all the above we capture the beauty of the area and the venue such as the zunguness wedding venue. This venue is a cherry on top of the service we offer you . By Doing a wedding at the zunguness wedding venue, TC productions makes sure that will also get the best wedding photography in your life.

Meeting Andile and Zilungile

We met Andile and Zilungile at a wedding Expo in Durban, It seemed as if they were on top of things because they had gone all the way out to book this beautiful wedding venue. When they visited our stand Zilungile was completely sold by just going through our Photo albums and she was pretty Impressed with the way we do wedding Photography.

I always have a lot of questions even sometimes i dont talk , This amazing couple had everything mapped out but didn't make plans for wedding photography and videography. The wedding was just three weeks away. That seemed pretty odd, But i consoled myself by remembering most couples think money can buy everything but what they always forget is that money will never buy you time.

Decisions were made right on our stand and we were on our way to do wedding Photography at this beautiful venue. However Questions will always linger because someone to spend a lot of money on the venue , decor , make up and everything thing else but leave photography for last, to me thats pretty unsually because wedding photography is the pillar of every wedding so that you can have all your wedding day memories. It was a different story with this couple, They didnt really value the power of wedding photography and to this day i still feel they dont.

Wedding Day

We had booked a lovely rooms at a lovely venue close by and we made sure that we arrived hours before the starting time. Thats one of our policies to never be late for any wedding.  We got to the venue , the decor was almost done , we set up our equipment and did some detail shots while waiting for the bride who was pretty late for the wedding. To my suprise the suit for the groom delayed too.  Everything was definitely not going accoding to plan. This would have turned out to be the worst experience because a bride can be late but not hours late. So we made sure that even though they were late and all the inconviniences that happened were not going to ruin wedding Photography.

We did the best we can with the time we had to take the most beautiful photos and videos which we have displayed on our website but the couple never cared to collect the finished product. Yes they didnt even make any effort to atleast have a look at their wedding Photos. Pretty odd but as a wedding Photographer professional you will always get those kind of experiences.


The wedding was beautiful like any other wedding, Our wedding photography team went all the way out to capture every detail and every photograph to give the couple an amazing TC productions experience. However the couple disappeared after the wedding and never even made an effort to see their wedding photos.

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