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Wedding Videographers Johannesburg for your big day.

Wedding videographers can be pricey. Most wedding videography professionals accommodate couples by offering a wide range of packages that allow couples with a different budget range. This allows for flexibility when choosing what aspects of the video one needs.  If the couple has a tight budget, affordable or basic packages may be the best choice. By choosing a basic package your wedding will still be filmed but without the perks of a premium package. If you are not sure what package you need, communicate with your wedding videographer for the best reasoning.

The budget is vital.

Having a set budget for the wedding videographer will determine what videography package is available to you. In essence wedding videographers are costly, you should not overspend in other areas without considering important suppliers like videography. The best way to come to the bottom of the planning is to have a chat with your fiancé and jotting down what’s more important to you. If Wedding Videography is on top of your priorities make sure a fair portion of funds is allocated to the specific suppliers.

The more funds you have the flexibility you will have when choosing your wedding videographers, photographers, and other supplier packages.

Should I pay for an extra videographer?

Most wedding videographers usually work with a second shooter at no extra cost to you, so make sure you find out how many videographers will be attending before you opt for an extra cameraman. Videographers have second shooters so that all angles are covered in all aspects of the event. Making a decision to hire an extra videographer should either be your decision based on your affordability or the recommendation from the chosen wedding videographer. However, most wedding videographers can easily cover the wedding working alone.

Knowing what’s extra and what’s included?

Review all packages in writing rather than verbal only. This allows you to make an informed decision by looking at the written aspects of the contract or packages. Nonetheless, wedding videography packages can’t be flagged as right or wrong. The decision lies with the bridal couple based on what they feel is important and their affordability. The best package will fit the budget and the wants of the couple.

What’s more important to the bridal couple?

After an extensive review of the wedding videographer’s packages, its best for the bridal couple to immediately decide on what’s important to them and book the videographer, because leaving it for last-minute may raise disappointments as the wedding videographers get booked really quick and way ahead of time.


Never pay for things that you don’t really need if there is an opportunity to add extras after the wedding goes for it. By paying for what your heart desires will make sure that you have no regrets after the wedding and you will have memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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