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Wedding videography

Wedding videography is still a top priority for most couples. The Wedding is meant to be beautiful on video. This is because they would have spent a lot of money deriving from loans and long-term savings. In general, weddings can be very expensive so make sure you get value for money from the services you receive. One thing that always stands out is the prices that generally match the quality for the price you pay.

Wedding videography prices

Putting a price on wedding videography cannot be easy as you might think. There is a lot of things you need to consider when looking for these services. When hiring a wedding videographer, one should look at the skill, the experience, the creativity, and the quality before looking at the price.

In most cases, couples prefer to pay for catering, flowers, alcohol or even hire expensive cars and expect the remains to be for wedding videography, in reality, that is a bad approach because under normal circumstances you get what you pay for. This is not to say wedding videography is too expensive, but only because the couple starts looking for videography services as they have exhausted the budget.

Weddings and finances.

Although the prices look high, there is something you must remember, No matter what service provider you are looking for, even if it’s your professional wedding videography, photography, catering, The prices are always higher as long as it's for a wedding because of the amount of work and planning the service providers go through.

Higher prices of everything related to planning the wedding can be a cause of stress, however, it requires patience and good communication skills from both the service providers and the couple. With that said, to be on the safe side as a couple you need to set an overall budget for everything you need for the wedding. And also set budgets that align with the quality of service you will like to get.

The bitter truth is that sometimes the higher the price the better the quality. The lower you pay the lower quality you receive. However, most service providers charge less and provide world-class service because they already own the equipment. That’s the approach we have adopted at TC productions.


In South Africa, couples hold some service providers in high regard over Wedding videographers, Professional photographers and DJs. Because of this mentality, the service they receive will continue to drop as they exhaust their budget and then later forced to go for inexperienced videographers, photographers and DJs. At TC productions we are highly experienced and our prices are reasonable and our quality is of high standards.

We always recommend that couples don’t wait till the last minute to make their booking for Videography as most of our bookings are done 9 to 12 months ahead of the wedding. This helps us to work with the couple to give them the best service they deserve.

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