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What Makes the Best Wedding Videos?

To have the best wedding Videos there are quite a number of things you need to consider when hiring a wedding videographer.

1.      What is his or her experience in wedding video production?

2.      Is he or she a good editor?

3.      What equipment does your preferred videographer use?

One would wonder why do all these questions arise from a single question?

The answer is simple in order to have the best wedding videos all these three questions have to be answered.

An experienced wedding Videographer will have done hundreds if not thousands of wedding videos. Thus, their experience in the wedding industry becomes bigger and an added advantage to the couple. The more experienced your wedding videographer the more wedding videos they have done, In simple terms Wedding, video production for them runs in the blood. You will get different styles of filming combined into one.

Is he or she a good editor?

That’s the best question that can not be answered in one sentence. Every Wedding is different, considering the time of the year, the culture of the couple and the theme of the wedding sometimes even their personalities. Editing is the one that makes a video watchable. There are two or more types of edits that are pretty much famous.

1.      Documentary edits.

The documentary edit comprises of the entire wedding video, this comes down to preference which in my view it might be long and boring to watch. With the Documentary edit, you will be getting not only the important details but the Long videos from the start of the day to the last proceedings of the day which include all the speeches, which can be a total watching time of 2 to 4 hours.

That’s pretty much very long and for people with busy schedules, it takes them days to watch it. The sad reality is that if you have watched it once you will not want to watch it again because of its length.

2.      Trailer /Highlight video

This type of edit is the one that is trending. The maximum watching time is 10 or 15 minutes. It's shareable to your friends and family over WhatsApp or social media. This Wedding video can be watched over and over again as it showcases the important highlights of the day that will stick in your memory for the longest time.

The Equipment.

It is a fact that the equipment used plays a big role in the quality of wedding videos because high-end equipment makes great video quality. Nowadays High definition is no longer top-notch. These days professional videographers use cameras that produce videos of up to 8k. This Equipment doesn’t come at a cheaper price this is what makes wedding video coverage to be quite expensive.

The Audio and the Lighting.

For the best wedding videos to be defined as the best it needs to have good audio. Bad quality audio will make you not to watch the video no matter how good the video quality is. Professional videographers go the extra mile and have lapel microphones that record the audio separately. This is in addition to the inbuilt audio or a boom microphone that is used in movies.

The Lighting.

For the wedding video to be good, the lighting needs to be clear. It can be natural light or the video lights for indoor sometimes even outdoor shoots to kill the shadows. The reason for the lighting is that if the lighting is bad your video might be somewhat dark, noisy and with shadows.

Even though most camera equipment is now designed to filter all these out. The Fact is you can not leave it for editing. As a professional videographer, you might want to get it all right than to try and fix all this when editing.

Wedding Video Output. DVD versus USB

When it comes to the output or the delivery of your video, we all know that lay people prefer DVD’s but the truth is that DVD quality might be compressed and does not give pleasure to watch. While in serious consideration the packaging of the DVDs has now evolved. We as professional videographers we recommend the wedding video on a DVD only for the parents, because they might be technologically challenged to use the USB.


The USB usage is on the rise this year mainly because the video quality is not compromised, The USB Stick doesn’t scratch like the DVD. And it is very easy to store. Another added advantage of the USB is that can be easily plugged into a computer or a laptop to watch on the go.


To obtain the best wedding videos from your videographer, be sure that they have adequate experience in the industry, they use the right equipment, which includes cameras, lights, and Audio recording devices. Also, look at the editing style and see if the editing style is of the cutting edge, regardless of a documentary edit (Which is a full video), and the Highlights which showcases the most important part of the wedding, mostly for people with busy schedules and are always on the move.

Lastly, if your wedding video will be delivered on a DVD or a USB.

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