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The average cost of  Wedding Videographer Prices

How Does videographer prices affect the service you will get?

Why do I need wedding videography?

In addition to wedding photography, getting videographer prices to make a budget for your wedding. A wedding video will help you see the real emotion that the wedding photos cannot show you. Wedding videography helps you to relive the entire moment and also helps to rejuvenate your love when the going gets tough. In real life the spark, the tears, and laughter sometimes vanishes through the thin air years after your wedding, and to keep the fire burning you will have to go back to your wedding video to reignite your perfect union.


Videographer Prices

Basic or average wedding videographer prices- from R 10,500

Most companies will give you the basic package to have coverage for your wedding, and this may come at very minimal videographer prices. Though the hours might be limited depending on your budget, you will also have the option to add some value add ons to get what you want.

Most companies that give you the basic and the option of the add ons are the companies that will provide you with the best wedding services as compared to the ones who will package a whole lot of stuff together and give you videographer prices. With the basic wedding video coverage, you usually get a minimum of 6 or 8 hours with the option to add more hours.

Now that we live in a modern world these wedding videography rates usually come with a free digital download. If you got the pros in the industry, you would have your own personalized video download platform which makes it easier for you to share the video with your loved ones without needing worrying about extra video costs.

We all love the good old DVD days where we would rent some movies in the form of a DVD and sit on a winter’s day. Believe it or not, the DVDs still exist though not the favorite in this day and time. You can also ask your wedding videographer to give you a fancy personalized DVD. DVDs will also be beneficial if you want to give this as a gift to your parents. If the DVD is personalized with your picture on the outside, the parents would love it, and they will treasure it for the longest time of their lives.


What is usually included in the basic videography coverage?

With your basic videography coverage for between 6 and 8 hours, you will be expecting to have the following without the add ons.

  • Two professional videographers
  • 6 or 8 hours of video coverage.
  • Personalized Web Gallery downloadable video
  • Personalized USB or DVD
  • Highlights video

Above is an overview of what you might get from the wedding videographers or even more. With regards to the value, added benefits that might come at a cost or with the same day edits it usually costs about R2,500 added to the base. The Good thing about the professional wedding videographers is that they also add free super crisp audio recordings to boost the video.

A wedding video will not be enjoyable with cracking unbalanced audio. Most Videographers will have this device that records the original audio or sound direct from the Wedding Dj.

This particular device is already included with the wedding package, and it won’t cost you anything. It is a mutual benefit for both the couple and your wedding service provider as this will help produce the best sound quality for your wedding video. Your videographer will always want to meet with the DJ because this device connects their working relationship on your wedding day.

The highlights video is also an added benefit to your Wedding videography package. Most people will have pre-assumptions that they have to pay for everything. Imagine if you had to pay for a highlights wedding video to share with your friends and family.

Additional hours may cost you between R1,500 to R3,500 per hour depending on the Videography equipment or the number of videographers you seek for your wedding.


Base Video Package

Shopping for wedding Videography.

Asking friends and family will be a good starting point when shopping for wedding videographer prices. Watching YouTube videos, do a google search, and get an idea of what kind of wedding Videography style you want. There is a lot of wedding videographers with different or similar wedding styles. Sometimes you might want to incorporate your style with one of your videographers and come up with a great video style.

While shopping for your wedding videographer don’t forget to check the reviews and to check their previous works. When you check the previous works or the Videography portfolio, you will then see the original style they use, or they usually use.

Write emails and subscribe to their channels if they have any this will keep you inspired.

Ask for a face-to-face meeting.

As much as we live in a modern world, people like video calls, emails, etc. have replaced actual meetings but meeting your wedding service providers will help you get a clear understanding.


Asking friends and family

Wedding videography styles.

When it comes to videography styles, it’s not one size fits all. Wedding videography styles include but not limited to:

  • Artistic
  • Journalistic
  • Storytelling
  • Highlights
  • Cinematic

Artistic videography style. 

This style depends on the couple or the videographer. It doesn’t follow any rules or format. With that said the videographer needs to be quite artistic and little, or no intervention from the couple will make this video very interesting unless the couple like the creative approach but also want to add their freestyle to sauce it up, but it needs a videographer to be really trained to be able to get this right. Otherwise, it might just be another regular wedding video.

Journalistic videography style.

The Journalistic approach will be your incorporation of the wedding photos and the wedding video to tell a very much detailed and yet convincing story. This approach is not the easiest and at the same time is not the most difficult. Most videographers can be able to do this. With a touch of what the bridal couple needs, this makes the video more appealing.

Storytelling videography style.

As the name says, this approach to videography will be a recording of all the events to tell the story for the day and how the couple met. Storytelling might be somewhat long, but most couples usually prefer this approach because it is the one that leaves no stone unturned. With the help of the couple or friends and a few interviews in between to give some details on how the couple met and the buildup of the wedding will be a beneficial tool to achieve this style.

Highlights videography style.

Highlights video style will be an incorporation of the wedding Videography highlights for the day. Highlights are usually for a couple who doesn’t want the long wedding video. Not that there is something wrong with the long wedding video or this style. The approach itself can be intense because, during the post-production, the videographer needs to pick the parts of the wedding and put them together in a way that makes sense to the viewer. And even after watching this type of video no matter how short it is if it’s done well, you will feel like you have watched the whole video. Or you feel as though you were there at the wedding for those who didn’t attend.

Cinematic videography style.

This style can be intense, and it’s quite time-consuming just like the name says. Just like the movies, you watch on the TV, The dramatic effects, and the editing makes this approach appealing. Incorporating the cinematic approach with a touch of art can be one of the best methods your videographers can do for you.



Whichever approach or styles that you would like to choose, Tc productions wedding Videography and photographer Gauteng South Africa will be very interested in giving you precisely what you want, and after speaking and viewing some previous work of the videographer you will know what to expect. As a couple, you usually have a specific idea of how you want your things done but don’t forget that for whatever service be it, video, photography, décor, make-up, to name a few. You will be dealing with professionals, and too much intervention might also destruct the professionalism of your hired Supplier.

What are the videographer prices in South Africa? Cost of wedding videographer in South Africa? The cost of a wedding videographer in South Africa may vary depending on the professionalism of the videographer you are looking to hire. You might also want to put the location of the wedding into consideration, However, you will be basically looking to pay between R4,500 to a maximum of R15,000

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