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Wedding Photo Poses

5 wedding photo poses that are evergreen

The ultimate guide to your 5 step wedding photo poses for your wedding photo-shoot. Your wedding photos are supposed to look perfect and ideal even after years. This means that the trends and wedding photo poses used in shooting the wedding pictures should be selected according to a certain them otherwise, it will look appealing for the time being only. Remember the engagement pictures that you still watch, admire, and wish to go back into time? This should be one of the main motives while taking the wedding pictures i.e. use of the evergreen equipment and poses so that the pictures never look outdated.

Shooting the wedding pictures at the studio or at the outdoor location, there are some wedding poses that still has the same importance that they had back in the time when the wedding photograph trend started growing rapidly.  This might also be considered as a great tip for the fresh photographers and uninformed couples who have their wedding or engagement in the near future i.e. to click the images in these eternal wedding poses so that their album attracts after years of being made with the happy, memorable, and long-lasting picture set-up.

Here are 5 of the evergreen wedding photo poses to be noticed while creating the exceptional wedding album with an outstanding photo-shoot.

  1. The Lift up:

The lift-up pose has to be one of the most common and trending wedding poses of all times in which the bride or the groom lifts up the other partner while looking straight into the eyes with love, affection, attitude, or wink. Earlier, this trend for just the grooms to lift up their brides but the evolution has happened for the betterment and the bride is also given a chance to lift-up the groom, according to the personal preferences.

  1. The back hug:

The back hug looks adorable with couples who are head over heels in love with each other and cannot wait to start this beautiful journey of life. Although the pose looks better with the groom coming from the back and hugging the bride with passion, the bride can also do it if she is taller.

  1. The eye contact:

The eye-contact in the wedding pictures speaks volumes about the love and compassion that the couple shares. This can be shot in the close-up while from far away as it equally looks beautiful in a length picture of the standing couple.

  1. The close-up:

The close-up shot is basically to highlight the costumes and makeup etc. but it is also supposed to feature the close relationship between the couple who refuse to stay away from each other while waiting to remain together for the rest of their lives.

  1. The Hold-me tight:

The hold me tight wedding pose is absolutely evergreen especially in cases where the couple had to face a lot of the difficulties in reaching this point. The photographer can ask either of the partners to hold the other person with a great passion so that it shows the image without any doubt.

Engagement or wedding, these photo-shoot ideas are just plain adorable with the simple motive of finding love and sweet emotions in the wedding images to be cherished for the lifetime.


Wedding Photo poses might be difficult for some couple depending on their preferences. The reason being some couples are not that photogenic and they need the help of the photographer to step in now and again. However, some couples follow the instructions given with regards to the wedding photo poses and make it seem flawless.

We must also know that this is not always the best idea for some couples as people have individual preferences. What one couple like the other might not, same with poses, some couple prefer not to pose period with reasons of cause. All wedding photographers should always respect the reasons or the decisions of the couple but make it clear to them about the implications if any.

One thought on Wedding Photo Poses

  1. Wow , Thanks a lot for this post , as a bride to be i will also put these type of poses in practice before the wedding day. Sounds like a full time job lol but thank you for sharing.

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