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Wedding Photo Pretoria

Wedding Photo Pretoria

How did we meet Carl and Natasha for their Wedding Photo Pretoria?

We met Carl and Natasha at a wedding expo in carnival city. Natasha pulled carl over to our stand showing him the drone we had on display. Little did we know that this was the start of our beautiful journey with the couple. They asked questions regarding our packages and they took a business card and left. ( Wedding Photo Pretoria)


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Months went by and Carl called and told me that we met at the expo and their wedding was a year ahead, To mind, I thought this is probably one of those people who will make inquiries and never come back when he called the second time he asked for a quote which was quickly converted to an invoice.

A week later he had booked us for their wedding which was to take place at the bamboo wedding venue in Pretoria, One thing that came to my mind was this man must be really serious making a booking for a wedding over a year in advance. Days and months went by I somehow forgot about them but I could always see their wedding date on my calendar.

Six months before the wedding they had already planned for the rehearsal dinner etc and I remember well that I had received a call from Natasha informing me of the rehearsal. “They must be planning something huge” Well all weddings are always big 🙂

The day of the rehearsal was two days before the wedding.

When we arrived at the venue I mumbled “not so great “ because the venue wasn’t as impressive looking at it from a photographer’s point of view.  This was because of my experience doing Wedding Photo Pretoria. What excited me the most was that the couple also highlighted that there aren’t too many options but we should let our creativity take control.

On the wedding day the arrangements, the decor was of top class. The best decor I had ever seen.

We arrived at noon everything was set, Natasha was busy with her makeup at the bridal suite, She did her make up by herself while Carl was chatting to the guys. It was that moment when Carl opened his Gifts from Natasha, which was heartwarming. They all got dressed.

Carl made a way to the ceremony and minutes later Natasha followed as the cameras flashed and guests were so excited I somehow saw a teardrop from carl when Natasha walked down the aisle. What a beautiful service it was. The service was nice and short and the couple exchanged vows and rings and It was very beautiful. The service was kept short but on point, Natasha had a made a fancy gift for Carl and she had it pinned on his shirt.


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After the ceremony, we went to the photoshoot.  It was the most beautiful time ever Carl and Natasha were very flexible and very easy to work with, they made the whole process nice and smooth and if I remember correctly everything that happened on the wedding day was always ahead of schedule simply because they invested so much time in planning and made sure that everything was up to standard. Everything went by really quick and we were very impressed that the couple was always time conscious.

It was then the time for the reception where the decor was exceptional and they did everything they could to make sure that the guests had a great time. The food was great, they were plenty of choices for dinner and the cake was beautifully crafted. All we could see was that the couple couldn’t wait to hit the dance floor as they had moves which I believed they had invested so much time making sure that their wedding was beautiful and all guests entertained.



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The most amazing part was when they did a thank you speech, they included everyone who had contributed to their wedding not just friends and family but including the service providers, they had to call out all the service providers by name and thank them, This was the time of the event was very encouraging because most couples sometimes forget to thank the service providers and focus just on the friends and family.

They even provided a table with allocated seats for all the service providers. Which most couples don’t usually do. Apart from everything else when we left they gave us gifts specially crafted for their wedding. The whole TC production team really appreciate the choice Carl and Natasha made, including us as part of the wedding planning team. Since TC productions started in 2008 we have done a lot of weddings all over the country, when it comes to wedding photo Pretoria we are rated the best.



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We really love The approach Carl and Natasha took for their wedding. In overall I could give them 10 out of 10 and if you were a guest or a service provider, friends or family who was privileged enough to be present when Carl and Natasha tied the knot, don’t hesitate to leave your comments below and let us know what your experience was, I truly believe that Carl and Natasha would also like to scroll down the comments and see how they wowed you.

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