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Wedding Photographer Gauteng

Wedding Photographer Gauteng

This article contains steps to take before booking your wedding photographer Gauteng.

Gauteng is a vast province, looking for a wedding photographer Gauteng can be a daunting task for most brides. Living in a multi-culturally diverse province of Gauteng can be expensive, so is your wedding photographer.

Gauteng is a New breed of wedding Photographers if you didn’t know better you would be confused as to who to book and where to start when looking for someone who will capture your wedding day. People usually expect us to be biased, but we always put it out as it is, even though TC productions does wedding photography, we know that our style and rates cannot serve the entire `Gauteng.

So, you have your big day planned, and you are overwhelmed and excited about it but when the lights turn off you twist and turn without knowing where to start. This Guide will touch base on what to expect and give you things to consider in the wedding photographer Gauteng industry.

Wedding Venues have their preferred suppliers.

If you thought that a wedding venue is your first stop when looking for a wedding photographer Gauteng then think again as the information, they would give you is quite biased one-sided and might get you into regret mode at a later stage.

Wedding venues usually cut a deal with a wedding photographer, and the rate you will get from the photographer that was recommended by a wedding venue might drop you off your chair without noticing. The whole reason for this is because they also want to make money from you and some commission from the photographer. Sometimes they will tell you that this particular wedding photographer Gauteng is their preferred one. Don’t fall for it, do your research and come up with your conclusions. One venue we might recommend without any doubt is Chez Charlene wedding venue in Pretoria.

wedding photography

Wedding photographer Gauteng recommendations.

Don’t say no to the wedding photographer they will recommend because not everyone is the same but tell them you will look at the portfolio and come back to them. If they seem quite pushy about the recommended wedding photographer, it’s time to put on your running shoes and run as far away as you can from that venue because that tells you a lot about them. If you want to understand what this means I will post another post that will sorely focus on this.

After this long run from this biased wedding venue its time you did your research for using keywords like wedding photographer Gauteng, wedding photographer Mpumalanga, wedding photography near me. Whatever area you are in or the region you think will have the best wedding photographer.

When doing your research be sure not to click on the ones that highlighted as an ad from the top or the bottom row that smells trouble too. I will reveal this secret anyway if it shows as an ad it means that they have paid their way to the top of the search engine. With all this said and done click on the ones that will appear on the first page and or the second page because chances are, they have worked hard trying to promote their businesses. These are the ones you actually should consider.

Once you have jotted down a few of the wedding photographers Gauteng that caught your eye, it’s time to go through their portfolios make sure that you pay attention to every detail. And write down any questions that you might have about the shoot or the collection you came across. Once you are satisfied with the wedding portfolio, then go on and have a look at the packages.

Wedding Photographer Gauteng

Wedding Photographer Gauteng


Tips when choosing your Photographer.

The searching process sounds like a full-time job I know, but it is the best way to get what you want on your big day. When you come to the packages, don’t be blown away about what your photographer offers. The most important thing to consider is to get what you want not what they offer.

Most photographers will sugar-coat their packages with all the prints, photo albums, frames, etc. Do you need all those, only write down what you think you need whatever the price is, it doesn’t matter, you are the one getting married, and you know what you want and what you need? Be sure to go for what you need not what you want. After writing all these down and you have gone through numerous websites or portfolios its time you sent that email.

When sending your email to the photographer be specific of what you need, if you are creating your package and let them quote you. There is a chance they might not respond immediately don’t lose hope, but the point is they will respond anywhere. In most cases, your preferred prospective wedding photographer Gauteng might send you an email just to let you know they have received the email, and they will come back with the quote after a few hours.

It is also essential to have a specific budget in mind especially for your wedding photographer. Having a budget is very important because photographers can be expensive and they can be outstanding. Don’t let money matters come between you and your chosen wedding photographer Gauteng because you might lose out or you might be disappointed. There is a proverb that says ‘you get what you paid for and the photography value can be easily known’ by what they charge or the type of gear they own.

Below are a few things to consider when booking your wedding photographer.

Once you have received the quotes went through the unbiased reviews it’s time to request to meet your wedding photographer Gauteng. Meeting your photographer is imperative that you do so because you will want to meet them in person and it will be of great help to your wedding photographer because if they don’t know you and only meet you on your wedding day, they might be challenges. On the day of the meeting, you must make sure that you arrive early and have your questions ready. The other thing that you might not know is that this is also the time for the photographer to understand you for his/her benefits during the day.

While you ask questions as a standard routine procedure unaware, the wedding photographer will also be silent analyzing you as weird as this might sound it is a reality. The Photographer will also have questions, and they will also explain their shooting style and sometimes they can even show you their gear. They will not get into too many details with the gear story because it can be quite technical or complicated unless you also want to be a photographer or you have someone you know who wants to be a photographer.

Communicating and meeting with your wedding photographer.

If your Photographer doesn’t ask any questions or they let you talk all the way, and they don’t have opinions if I was you, I will be a little worried. `because if they are as professional as their website and reviews say, they might have years of experience and if you are lucky they might throw in some tips and even suggest other service providers. It is quite unpleasant that photographers are your second best after you have secured the venue but if it was the other way around. Wedding photography should be the first on your list because after the wedding that’s all you have. And this also applies to the opinions and suggestions the photographer might have with regards to the venue or other service providers. The opinion and suggestions from wedding photographers should be taken into consideration because photographers are creative and artists, they observe certain things in silent, and this will be your lucky day if they open up to you about the venue you have booked or other service providers.

Make sure whatever they say you take notes of it because it is imperative that you take action because they will not lie to you. If you make a good relationship with your now selected wedding photographer, they might even show you some facts that support what they just told you. One thing you need to know is that Photographers find inspiration everywhere.



Book your photographer immediately.

If you have made up your mind about the wedding photographer, don’t hesitate to book them immediately if they are available on your big day. Some photographers will have them tell you they are fully booked on that day especially if you are too demanding and you are negotiating too much, this is true in most cases because you either find an amateur wedding photographer if you are not careful. It is reasonable to ask for certain things because you will pay for them but if you are not going to pay for a bunch of things but you want to keep negotiating the photographer might reject you. As heartbreaking as this may sound photographers spend a lot of time at school studying so being a wedding photographer doesn’t make them any cheap. And if you think you will pay what you want to pay to a photographer don’t be surprised to end up with an unprofessional entry-level photographer who doesn’t have an idea of what they are doing.

If you agree with your wedding photographer and bookings are made contracts signed etc. make sure you go for a pre-wedding photoshoot with them as testing for them to understand what you are comfortable doing and what you are not. A pre-wedding photoshoot will also help you with the photos for the invitations either a video or website invitations. Most photographers will usually offer this service.

Asking for other services and encouraging your photographer.

It’s also vital that the wedding photographer you book for your wedding does wedding videography this will save you money and time because you will not have to deal with lots of service providers individually. Some wedding photographers will always have video packages or wedding photography and video packages combined. Because photographers are creatives, don’t forget to ask if they also do online or video invitations. We live in a digital world, and the photographers spend most of their time either shooting or editing on photoshop so chances are they might as well throw in that particular service you might be interested in booking for your wedding. Now you will have a wedding video and photographer as well as your online invitations or video invitations under one roof.

Before your wedding day after the pre-wedding photoshoot, your photographer might as well give you, a call and ask how the preparations are going if there is anything that has changed don’t forget to disclose it. Be sure to create a good working relationship with your photographer because the more they like you the comfortable they will also become at your wedding. The last thing you need is tension on your big day.

Creating a good working relationship with your wedding photographer will also make sure that the relationship that you have built does not end there. When you are getting married, you will be starting a new family, after your wedding, you will probably want to have photos of you and your new family or maternity photoshoot. If you are planning a family and this goes on to become a lifelong relationship because you will also need new-born photoshoots and annual photos or even your wedding anniversary.


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