As the premier Wedding photographer Johannesburg, TC productions is pleased to offer affordable services throughout Gauteng province. We provide engagement photoshoots, wedding photography and videography, studio and outdoor photoshoots, to mention a few.

Fortunately, Johannesburg is known for its lovely surroundings and beautiful picture-perfect landscape for local and destination weddings, the best in South Africa. The Johannesburg world-class photographers will make sure that your story is complete.

What to look for in your wedding photographer Johannesburg?

When it comes to choosing photographers in Johannesburg, you will have to do your research and consider a lot of factors. A premier wedding photographer in Johannesburg must have versatile photography skills and also be able to cope under enormous pressure.

It would be best if you also had a wedding photographer that has an excellent knowledge of the beautiful wedding venues in Gauteng. Your photographer must assure you that when the wedding is over, flowers dried up, and dress packed away; Your memories will be a constant reminder of how beautiful your wedding day was. It is those tender memories that will warm your heart and inspire the future generations of your family.

Wedding photographer Johannesburg
Do we need a wedding Photographer?

This is a general question from couples planning a wedding. The answer is yes; Wedding photography shouldn’t even be debated because of a simple principle, No photography, no marriage. Wedding photos and video is the only tangible/physical reminder that you will have to show your family and the next generation of your family. Your wedding photos will also serve as a therapy session during the marriage.

Wedding Photography secrets: 

Tips for having the best wedding photos possible.

It is your big day and one of the most significant and memorable days in your life. There is only one way you can make the best day of your life last for years. It is through capturing the unforgettable moments on your wedding day. And that, of course, requires a professional wedding photographer. We have put the tips below to help you choose the best wedding photography service for your special day.

  • Plan your wedding around the photographer’s timelines.
  • Allocate at least 90 minutes for the photoshoot session after the wedding ceremony and before the wedding reception.
  • Group and family photos to be taken first, followed by the couple’s photos.
  • Photography sessions should not be interrupted by guests or the program directors.

Professional photographers invest a lot of time preparing for your wedding; make sure their allocated time is not interrupted in any way. 

Things to consider before booking your wedding video and photographer:

  • Make sure your photographer or videographer can show you photos / Videos for an entire wedding, not just a few of the best moments from selected marriages.
  • Your supplier must be able to show you at least 3 or 4 different weddings to help you make a better judgment.
  • Get a video or photography professional who owns the equipment because they know their equipment better than rented equipment.

How to save money on wedding photography and videography?

Weddings can be pretty costly. So saving money without compromising or sacrificing any crucial detail is the ultimate goal for every couple.

We have put together some factors to consider to help you save money on wedding photography and videography:

  1. Plan and book your professional photographer in advance.
  2. Check to see if they are any specials.
  3. Get a package that includes both video and photography, as combos tend to be more affordable.

Additionally, It is also good to get an unlimited Package with Maximum coverage. So that your photographer will not be rushed throughout the day, and you will not be worried about the time running out or spending more money on extra hours.

Wedding Videography and Photography packages 2021What to do with wedding photographs?

It would be best to get your photographer to print your photographs on the best quality paper or the best quality canvas material to ensure that your images will last for as long as you want with good care. What your photographs will look like 10 or 20 years down the line will be determined by the printing quality at the time of the wedding.

Photo albums make up the majority of your wedding photography investments. 

The best Photo albums are the lay-flat albums that don’t bend easily. In case your photobook gets fingerprint marks, They can be easily wiped away, and, most of all, your lay-flat album is water-resistant. To take good care of your lay flat or coffee table books, make sure they are always boxed, away from excessive heat and humid areas. Your wedding day might have taken a long time to plan, and you will also have spent a fortune to make it as beautiful as you want it to be. Now that you have made it this far, It is time to protect your investment and protect what is more precious to you.

How to protect your wedding photographs?

Wedding photography is the only wedding investment you make when planning your wedding. Compared to other services—for example, Spending money on food, venue, wedding dress, flowers, and all other services all sum up to be the most significant expense where you get nothing out of it.

But wedding photography and videography are the only services where you will get emotional and sentimental value to you and your loved ones. Since Photography is such a significant investment, you must protect your investment. Several steps can be taken to protect your Photographs; these include: 

  • Shy away from DVDs and CDs as they can be easily damaged.
  • Digitally storing your images
  • Cloud storage

Digital and cloud storage allows you the opportunity to back up your photos and videos for safekeeping easily and to restore quickly should anything happen. 

The value of wedding photography.

At TC productions, we know what wedding photography means to you and your loved ones. Photography is not just the capturing of images. It captures souls and makes sure that they are still very tender and still send the same message decades later. Our highly skilled photographers will work very hard to ensure that the love, laughter, and emotion for the day are captured and that your story is authentic as you want it to be.

Iconic wedding photography locations in Johannesburg.

Johannesburg is a city rich in culture and history, whether you have chosen to have your wedding at the summer place, a beautiful hidden gem located next to Sandton city right in the Centre of Africa’s richest square mile. The luxurious Memoire wedding venue is an upmarket place for high-profile couples; Avianto wedding and function venue is one of the most beautiful venues next to the South African Heritage site in Muldersdrift.

Creative Wedding Photography

Oakfield Farm is a lovely massive farm located just outside of the upmarket residential suburb of Honeydew or even at the stunning garden venue known for small and intimate weddings located in North riding. You will still have a chance to have beautiful wedding photography opportunities at either the cradle of humankind, the caves, Constitutional hill, and Maboneng City, Located in the heart of Johannesburg, which is just a stone’s throw away from the above venues.

Wedding photos

Wedding photographer Pretoria

Just a few kilometers outside Johannesburg is the Executive capital of South Africa ( Pretoria). Pretoria is home to the best wedding photographers in South Africa.

It is also home to the beautiful landscape and top wedding venues in Gauteng, such as the exquisite lace on timber, located in the woods, right under the mountains.

Africa’s most loved Chez Charlene wedding and function venue is located in Pretoria East, mostly known for hosting the rich and famous from all places across the continent. The Bamboo wedding venue is just across the road from chez Charlene, offering the vintage and the Natural bamboos across the venue.

wedding photography

So if you are looking for something vintage and upmarket, then the bamboo is your place. 50km east of Pretoria, right on the outskirts of Bronkhorstspruit, sits a 500 hectares luxury estate, the one and only Oxbow country estate with a beautiful 5-star hotel and the high-class wedding venue and chapel overlooking a 5000-meter lake stretched across the estate.

Wedding photographer Johannesburg
Pretoria is not only boasting of the best wedding photographers and wedding venues in South Africa. In addition, it is home to the world’s favorite iconic places that can be used as wedding photography locations, including the iconic union buildings, National zoological gardens of South Africa, and the Voortrekker monument, etc.

Union buildings have become the bride’s favorite photography location because of the iconic Nelson Mandela statue hanging just above the city. Wedding photoshoot locations are practically unlimited when it comes to the beautiful capital city of South Africa. Our skilled photographers are fully equipped with the knowledge and experience to advise and guide you on the best and, most of all, safe photography locations in the country.

Engagement Photography in South Africa

As wedding photographers Johannesburg, we are very fortunate enough to have attractive engagement photoshoot locations. Our clients choose spots varying from the all-fresh Walter Sisulu botanical gardens to the ever-clouded Table Mountain; choosing a place like Table Mountain comes with great excitement of exploring options of wedding photography Cape Town. While still exploring the beauty of the mother city, you will have the opportunity to explore wedding photography in robin island or the lion’s head. Cape Town has an incredible sunset which comes out extremely beautiful when done at the oceanfront or the top of the lion’s head. 

An engagement photoshoot is also great to be explored, from the famous baobab trees in Limpopo to the Hluhluwe-mfolozi park in Kwazulu Natal.

When in KwaZulu natal for your engagement photoshoot, it is also a great idea to explore destination wedding venues, such as the Zunguness, located just outside Pietermaritzburg with tall backdrop trees; Durban skyline, and beautiful mountains with frosty and foggy mornings.

Wedding photographer Johannesburg
We advise that our clients bring at least two attires for their engagement photoshoot session. At least one of the attires should be their traditional attire for the role the culture and tradition play in our upbringing and the journey of our love stories. 

Most common questions from brides and grooms

Asking relevant and vital questions will encourage and show your wedding photographer that you care and want beautiful photos. Professional wedding photographers love clients who care about pictures because finances do not drive most photographers to execute their jobs but love and passion for the photography profession.

Never forget that it is your big day; wedding photography will help you and your loved ones relive the special moments once again in the future.

Important questions answered.

What makes a Good Wedding Photographer?

A good wedding photographer must tackle different styles from different settings while capturing the love story of the couple and their personalities, including the happiness and laughter and all the special moments for the day. 

As a couple, you must be clear on the style or the approach you want for your big day, and your photographer must be able to provide this for you.

Where do I find wedding photographers?

Finding wedding photographers is easy, But the question should be, where do I find good wedding photographers?

There are many platforms where wedding photographers can be found, such as social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Yellow pages, or big wedding supplier websites such as

How do I make my wedding album?

Wedding albums are a significant investment; with that said, it is best to have a professional photographer design, edit and print the wedding album for you.

Unless you are also a photography professional, you should be able to make your album by simply using reputable design software and printing from a respected print lab like Pro Albums.

How much does a wedding album cost in Johannesburg?

R 1500 Although they are different types of Wedding albums, The Lay flat albums cost around R3000 upwards depending on the size when printed from one of the best print labs in Gauteng (Pro-albums)

Where should I take wedding photos?

Most wedding venues have beautiful gardens for the best wedding photography results. If you are having a wedding at home and don’t have access to a park, In Gauteng, for example, we have places like the zoo lake and Walter Sisulu botanical gardens, to name a few. These places allow us to take beautiful photos at beautiful gardens at no cost.

How much does a wedding photographer cost in Johannesburg?

From R 4,900

Johannesburg wedding photographers have different pricing based on their experience, location, and package contents. However, wedding photography pricing in Johannesburg ranges from R 4,900 up to R30 000.

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Who is the best Wedding photographer in Johannesburg?

TC productions

While the definition of the best differs from one person to another based on what they believe is the best. Since 2008 TC productions have been the bride’s favorite photographer 13 years in a row.