Wedding photographers Gauteng

Top wedding photographers Gauteng and choosing the best wedding venue.

Most Wedding photographers gauteng are rather costly. This is mainly because gauteng has become an economic hub of the country. With that said wedding couples always go through a huge search of the best wedding photographers gauteng because we have now become a nation of photography.

The Story was different with Tsepiso and Jonathan because they were referred to us by Memoire Wedding Venue which is by far the best wedding venues in Gauteng. Partnering with memoire wedding venue was by far the best decision we ever made. Memoire is quite classy and the clients who use memoire as their wedding venue believe in high standards. That puts some kind of pressure on the wedding photographers gauteng to raise the bar high because as a wedding photographer you can never forgive yourself if you didnt get best photos from this venue.

About the couple

Now that the couple has gone all the way out choosing an upmarket venue, they had to choose us as their wedding photographers gauteng because we fit the criteria. They were by far the most humbled couple we ever met. We didn’t do their engagement photos however we had a meeting with the couple and they explained the inportance of wedding photography in their lives which we took seriously.

As busy as they are they decided to go all the way for photos because they believed wedding photos speak louder that words. In other words, they cut down on wedding videography and put all the effort in their wedding photos. This was quite exciting for us because as wedding photographers Gauteng we take our work seriously. To say the least, we don’t count our selves as the photographers for the day but part of the family because by so doing it creates some kind of working bond which will make working with the couple easier.

Now that they told us what they wanted they invited us to their rehearsal dinner to make sure that things will go as planned without any suprises to either the wedding officiator or the photographer. This means a lot to us because it makes us understand the importance of your wedding day. When you are getting married just like any other couple that decides to do so, it is very important that you protest the things that matter to you without interfering with the work or the performance of your service provider.

On the Wedding day

As we were part of the planning , the wedding day finally came and we were all equipped for greatness. Everything moved along painless from the time the bride did her make up, her hair , while the groom was dressing up. Time was of highly importance as they didnt want to keep their guests waiting. The makeup and the dressing time was seamless, the wedding ceremony was beautiful, The couple was more than prepared for the wedding photoshoot and they co-operated with the wedding photographers quite well.

With great co-operation comes a quick undisturbed service whereby before we knew all the beautiful photos had been shot and it was time to go to the reception to dance the night away. You could tell that this was the best time of their lives as they engaged with every guest while having a great time.


In overall Tsepiso and Jonathan’s wedding is rated one of the best wedding we did in 2019. To come up with this rating we looked at their organisational Skills, Flexibility and friendlyness.