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Wedding Photography Pretoria: Making The Right Choice

Wedding Photography Pretoria: Making The Right Choice

Why do I need a wedding photography Pretoria?

Choosing TC productions as your wedding Photography Pretoria is the best decision you can ever make. We are highly experienced and we take our time to understand your love story by so doing it will help us capture the moments in a way that aligns with your story. We love what we do and we understand the meaning and celebration of love.

After all, love is what every couple married or unmarried clings onto. The photos we capture are so perfect and they define the idea of happiness. So how does one even begin to capture such blissful moments that last forever?

That is where the wedding photographer steps in to undertake the monumental task of essentially capturing that feeling you wish to hold on to forever. More than just working the camera to take unique wedding photos, the perfect wedding photographer is someone that can capture that surreal feeling of falling in love all over again.

It may seem overwhelming and extremely daunting when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding Photography Pretoria, however, it is important to take a step back and remember that all you really want is to enjoy your big day.


Wedding Photography Pretoria: Making The Right Choice


Things to consider when making the right choice is;

  1. What kind of style you are looking for?
  2. How much time do you want to spend posing during the wedding day?
  3. How much do you trust the photographer to capture that feeling in your heart?

Many wedding photographers are bound by very specific styles and techniques when it comes to taking the perfect wedding photos, however, perfection often requires a great deal of time. Unfortunately, a wedding does not last forever, only the memories do.

The Style of Photography:

What Does Love Look Like?

That is a deeply important question when it comes to choosing a style of wedding Photography Pretoria to capture the wedding day. You can describe your love for your significant other in poetic and beautiful ways using your words but the real trick is finding a way to capture what that love looks like in a photograph. That is why it is important to consider the styles of photography that are out there and which style best suits that feeling in your heart.

What Does Love Look Like?

This style of photography is best described as that which captures the little moments of the wedding as they happen. It is a natural approach to photography that allows the wedding to take place happily without the photographer ever disrupting the overwhelming joy and bliss of the lovely wedding. This is a great style that allows you to spend more time with your loved ones and to create memories during the wedding without having to worry much about posing and preparing for the next shot. You are free to simply lose yourself in the euphoria of the moment while trusting that the photographer that you have chosen has captured all the beautiful moments that put a smile on your face during the best day of your life.

A concern that you may have about this style of photography is that certain highlights from the wedding may slip through the lens of the photographer. The photographer is focused on capturing that which encapsulates the mood and feeling of the wedding in a naturalistic way rather than imposing a feeling or mood through the direction. It is therefore incredibly important to ensure that the photographer that you choose is able to adapt to the spontaneity that arises during a wedding ceremony.

Traditional Photography

How is this style defined?

This style of photography refers to the very meticulous and planned photographs and involves a lot of posing from the happy wedding couple and guests. This feels very much like a photo shoot
capturing the happiest day of your life while the photographer ensures that you look your absolute best. You are challenged to put on your best pose ever while donning incredibly wonderful gown or traditional wedding attire, surrounded by your dearest loved ones in a location brimming with pure joy. There is a stigma around this old-fashioned style of photography being time-consuming and tedious. It may be viewed as a series of very formal group shots; however, the perfect photographer is able to bring their absolute best to this style of photography and make it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. It is important to ensure that the photographer that you choose for this style is able to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and not to pull you away from the blissful memories that you are certainly going to keep forever.

One thing to consider when choosing this style of photography for the wedding is how much time you are willing to spend posing and waiting for the wedding photographer to set up each shot. Although this style of photography is quite a time consuming and may disrupt the spontaneity of the wedding, you can be sure that the right photographer will ensure that the photographs will be as beautiful as the memories you have made on your big day.


How is this style defined?


Vintage Photography

In Wedding Photography Pretoria we believe Vintage photography is the art of capturing beautiful memories in a photograph that will last forever while also having the aesthetic nature of a distant memory. Vintage photography is a style that embodies nostalgia for a beautiful memory through the photographer’s ability to creatively imbue a certain antique quality to the wedding photo.

This style of vintage photography requires a great amount of skill from the photographer as it often means they make use of a range of techniques, from working with high-quality vintage cameras and high-end editing equipment to professionally edit the raw photos taken during the wedding ceremony to look slightly aged. It is tremendously important to communicate well with the photographer in order to gain an understanding of their work process and how well their style of work suits what you are looking for in the wedding photos.

Vintage photography is a style that often harkens back to a feel for nostalgia with an aged look and feels of photographs, this style offers a glimpse into what it would feel like to reminisce on what a beautiful day it was when you got married even if seemingly no time passed at all.


Vintage Photography

Editorial Photography

A wedding day deserves to be captured in all its glitz and glamour and to feel like it belongs on the cover of every magazine about love and marriage. Editorial photography is a style that feels very much like a photo shoot for the most high-end magazines and photo books. It requires a meticulous and detailed amount of planning and a tremendous amount of time to set up. Every lighting choice, camera lens selection, camera angle, location and pose is all carefully crafted by the photographer to ensure that you look like you are about to be on the cover of Vogue’s wedding line up. You get the opportunity to flaunt that amazing dress and suit, make-up, jewelry and much more. It is best to imagine an entire photo book or magazine completely dedicated to the wedding day.

Editorial Photography requires the most time as it very much requires a highly detailed amount of set-up and planning from the photographer and posing from the wedding couple and the guests.

Something for you to consider when choosing this style of photography is planning a separate shoot date from the wedding where a lot more of time can be spent on crafting the best and most beautiful photographs. With the right professional wedding Photography Pretoria, you are guaranteed to have your wedding captured and you will get the most extraordinary photographs that symbolize the pure ecstasy that you have felt during the wedding day.


Editorial Photography


Artistic or Fine Art Photography

Every work of art is born from the dreams and imagination of those who are willing to reach into their inner worlds and spill those ideas into the world around us, this is the birth of all art. Fine art photography too is born from the creative mind of the photographer to uniquely craft the wedding photographs.

With this style of photography, the photographer may approach the wedding images through a romanticized lens to capture the wedding in a way that best explores the feeling of falling in love. There is a lot of creative freedom in this approach to photography and it is all focused on crafting photos that feel like an artistic expression rather than simply capturing photos of the lovely wedding couple and the guests. This freedom also leaves room for you to share your ideas and make suggestions as to the kind of photographs that you wish to have of the wedding day. It is thus important to feel open and free in terms of the relationship you have with the photographer that you choose. The last thing that you want is to fall victim to the vision of the photographer on the wedding day and never express your own ideas that you are excited about. Since Fine Art photographer is driven by the passion and imagination of the photographer, you must ensure that their vision aligns with your vision for the wedding too.


Artistic or Fine Art Photography


Contemporary Photography

With the ever-changing trends and fashions that take place in our modern world, it is often natural to seek a style of photography that is able to adapt to the modern ways of the world. Contemporary photography is a style of photography that shifts and moves with the wave of the world and captures the essence of our current time best. Weddings are not what they used to be and they are ever-changing in our dynamic world. It is easy to become lost in the vastness of the modern climate.

Contemporary photographers are those that deeply relish in the idea of living in the moment as they are masters of capturing the essence of the era we live in. A wedding is beautifully defined by and engraved in, the passage of time that it inhabits. This style of photography is perfect for capturing the period in which your love had blossomed.

There is a poetic beauty in having the wedding forever marked by the era it was a part of in one the photograph that will forever be passed down generation to generation while the world changes.

Photography Prices and Packages: The Price of Memories

The price to keep tangible memories of the day you have married the one person that you truly love is never a cheap one. It is often easy to be swindled and tricked into paying large sums of money for poor quality photography, especially in a time where many photographers will deceive you with ‘pretty pictures’, ironically. When it comes to making the right choice, wedding photography prices and wedding photography
packages that are offered by photographers play a big role in making the right choice. Once you have narrowed down the style of photography you are looking to have for the wedding photos, the next big choice is to decide who the photographer shall be. Many photographers offer varying wedding photography prices alongside packages for their style of photography and these varying prices and packages may be overwhelming when trying to make the right choice. It is important to enter with a plan.

Here are some tips on budgeting and planning for Wedding Photography Pretoria :

It is important to ensure that you have a total estimated budget or price range that you are willing to spend on a wedding Photography Pretoria. Remember that a professional wedding photographer is not cheap so you should consider a reasonable amount you are willing to spend on a photography package. By doing this, it will help narrow down your options and remove those options in a price range that exceeds your estimated total budget.

Another great idea would be to make a list of the kind of things you are looking for in the photography for the wedding. This will help gain a more focused view on wedding photography packages that best suit the ideas that you have for the wedding.

Communication is essential when trying to choose the perfect wedding photographer to capture your perfect day. Ask as many questions as possible and always keep in mind that you are ultimately the one that will keep these memories forever. It is easy to allow a photographer to persuade you into packages and paying high prices by showing you a pretty picture but it is important to hold on dearly to your own vision of the wedding and to let that be the guiding force behind your decision.

Consider the amount of time you want to be dedicated to taking photos on the wedding day. Weddings are very busy affairs already and the last thing you want is for photography to swallow up precious time that could be spent with your loved ones.

Conclusion: The Perfect Picture

Those smiles, the laughter, the way you looked at your groom or bride, the pure bliss and the twinkle in your eyes when you shared that kiss. These are the moments that should be captured and forever be cherished throughout the passage of time. There are no perfect pictures, only perfect moments, and although we cannot live in these moments forever, we can store them in a photo.

We often do a dance with time, growing and changing with the world, experiencing an infinite amount of emotions in our lives but the ones that stay are always the ones that made us truly feel something similar to a promised paradise. These are the memories and feelings that we keep, these are the ones that outlast us, the closest thing we have to the idea of forever is the perfect picture.

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