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A few Wedding Planning Checklist

A few Wedding Planning Checklist / Tips You Can Do While on lockdown

Yes, we have actually been quarantined about 3 months now, It’s totally not fun. But your wedding planning does not need to be stunted by this pandemic! Whether you’re restructuring or stressing about your postponed wedding, or even staring at your program for an event set up for later this year or in 2021.

we plead with you to take advantage of the moment you have right now. As frustrating as it is staying at home we can make good out of it, and be well prepared when we are all in the clear.

Because we’re all in this together, wedding service providers are putting together more sources to help stay afloat during this unprecedented time. Seek assistance from your loved ones too, and make virtual connections! To boost your mood, we’re sharing wedding planning tasks you can do while in quarantine; All from the experienced wedding photographer’s point of view. You got this!

1. Double Check Your service Agreements

Double-check your service agreements! They should have a postponement clause and sometimes extra charges. Luckily at TC productions, we don’t charge for any change of dates due to unforeseen circumstances. We hope other service providers don’t charge too.


Double Check Your service Agreements


2. Review Your Guest list

This is the best time to review your guest list and make those difficult choices if you have to. As we continue through these unpredictable times, now is a great time to rethink about how many people you really want at your wedding, This is not just to curve the spread of the virus but to cut down on your expenses because we all know that the majority of people have financial difficulties due to salary cuts or unemployment.


Review Your Guest list


3. Writing your own vows while doing your wedding planning.

Writing your own vows can be really exciting. As we all know that vows are a special part of your wedding. However many couples will choose to write their vows weeks before the wedding. To our experience, that’s taking a risk. Considering that we are all on quarantine, it also means that you have all the time you want to write your vows. Why not start now?

Just a tip of the iceberg, remember the vows you take at your wedding ceremony determine the wedding mood. After all, is said and done, writing from your heart is key. Never use Google to search for your vows because you might never know, you and your partner might be searching from the same place. Write your vows now and keep reviewing them. Practice them daily, by the time you have to say them they will just flow.

When writing your vows remember that they are the most important part of your wedding and they form a stronger pillar in your married life. and finally, it is the vows that reflect you and your fiance’s personalities and how you feel for each other.


Writing your own vows.


4. Notify your invited Guests

If you have decided to postpone your wedding day for a later date, It doesn’t mean that the wedding planning should be postponed too, send a notification to your guests with your new date. This can be done by sending out an email, an announcement e-card or even a small video


Wedding Planning 1


5. Have a countdown

With the fake news swirling, you, your loved ones need something interesting and also positive to look forward to. Making a wedding countdown and sharing positive messages will always lighten the mood.

Now is a good time to go through all the planning process and also the logistics of your wedding event with your wedding planner. schedule meetings with your wedding vendors and check if everyone is okay.


Have a countdown


6. Choosing your bridal party

Pick your bridesmaids and also groomsmen, make sure you choose people that will be helpful and keeping you in check if the need arises. Don’t forget to plan their attire and share it with them.


Choosing your bridal party


7. Cheer yourself up

The Good News Is, Although we are on lockdown and working from home, you can still schedule virtual meetings with us or even arrange a photoshoot session in our studios. If you haven’t sent out your wedding invitations this is the time to have us design it for you. Did you know that wedding invitations come free of charge with most of our video and photography packages? We have a selection of various types of invitations you can choose from including the wedding website / Online invitation or the video invitation.

8. Gift Registry

Use this time to register with gift stores that have gift registry facilities Most of these stores allow you to do everything online. If you already have one and maybe you feel like updating it this is the time to do so.

Gift Registry


9. Think of the Guest Experience

Now it is a right to work with the fun or exciting part of your wedding. With numerous wedding vendors offering discounts, it can be a good time to peruse for those little special additionals for you or your visitors. If you haven’t booked your wedding venue, now is the time to do so. Fortunately at TC productions, we have worked at numerous venues and wedding suppliers, shout out if you feel stuck.


At TC productions we like to make your experience unforgettable. If you have booked us, we can design the digital card to postpone your wedding free of charge. If you are reading this and you are thinking whoops I haven’t secured photography and videography. Now is the time to do so.

We have lockdown specials, Discounted photo booths, etc. We invite you to have a chat with us and see how we can make your memories last a lifetime. Remember we are in this together. We got you.

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