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Aerial Photography and Videography

Aerial photography and videography pricing

The cost of aerial photography and videography varies from one company to another. We have indicated our packages with prices in the table below. Hiring a drone for your project is not any different than hiring a photographer/videographer for your wedding. The same principles apply, To ensure that you get the best quality out of the drone, Therefore all our drones will come with a pilot.

Should you be looking for aerial photography and videography for a wedding. Please refer to our wedding video and photography packages as they are inclusive of the drone coverage.

  • Basic Package

  • 2 hours
  • Video footage & Still images

    Deliver in USB

    Video format 4k

    High-resolution digital images

  • Full Package

  • 4 hours
  • Video footage & Still images

    Deliver in USB

    Video format 4k

    High-resolution digital images

  • Premium Package

  • 6 hours
  • Video footage or Still images

    Deliver in USB

    Video format 4k

    Video with editing

    High-resolution digital images

    Free retouching!

Do you edit the aerial photos and videos?

Yes! Editing is included in all our packages. However, If you have already booked another video and photography company for your event and you will like to have the same style of editing, Then we have no problem giving you the raw aerial images and videos so they can edit for you. For all our aerial photography and videography, crediting is compulsory either edited by us or not so as to align with the South African Copyright Act.

Should we be editing the footage for you, We will be providing you with high-resolution digital images and high-quality videos. Please note that if an external company is editing for you, We will not be responsible for poor output quality or poor editing.

Aerial Photography is the

What is aerial Photography?

Aerial Photography is the capturing of images from above or from the sky using a drone. Just like any DSLR or mirrorless camera, the drone also produces high-resolution images and 4k videos. For weddings, the drone video during the ceremony is usually the most beautiful.

What is Drone Videography?

Just like aerial photography drone videography is the capturing of videos from above. The video qualities produced by a drone have a resolution of HD, 4K, and above. The advantage of drone video coverage is that you get the full view of your event from a different angle and also get the surroundings like no other.

Breath-taking images from the drone.

Some of the most beautiful images you can get from the drone if you are doing a garden wedding includes:

The arrival of guests.
Bride and groom walking down the aisle
The entire matrimonial service.
Bride and groom photoshoot.
It is very important that we understand that drones are not a replacement for traditional cameras. Drones can be used as an addition just to enhance the beauty of the video and to get to the areas where a normal /traditional camera can't reach. It is also vital that you adhere to the local restrictions and the drone usage policies of where you will like to fly the drone.

Drone Video footage.

Just like the photos, The drone video is extremely beautiful and makes your entire video to be interesting to watch. The most breathtaking parts of the video will include:

Guests arriving.
Bride, groom, and parents walking down the aisle.
The entire service.
Bridal photoshoot.
This coverage is best for garden weddings. For indoor weddings it is impossible to get some of these shots as the usage of drones indoors is prohibited.

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