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2021 & 2022 Wedding Videography Packages

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Our Videography packages are designed to align with your wedding budget. By choosing the best wedding packages you will be saving yourself time and money.

At TC Productions we capture the emotion and all events as they unfold. Our Videos are of high quality and never compromised. It is our goal that you enjoy watching your wedding video as if it all happened yesterday.

N.B Early bird 2022 bookings qualify for a 10% discount when booked anytime before the end of 2021.

What our clients say about us

Here is what our clients say about us. These reviews are also available on our social media platforms, Google as well as Hellopeter. We will love to know what your experience with us was. It will help us to improve the service we give you. It will also help other clients like you to make better decisions.

Understanding our wedding videography packages

Professional wedding videographers offer different packages based on how long they shoot for, the number of video cameras involved, and the desired video length.

The structure of wedding video packages and pricing is better understood when adequately explained. Therefore, we will help you to understand how our packages are structured and their contents.
At TC productions, we keep our wedding video and photography packages less complicated. Instead, we focus on what you need for your special day.

Wedding Videography Packages unpacked

In order to come up with a sensible wedding videography package, The following factors need to be considered,

  • The Videographer's field experience.
  • Hours of coverage on your wedding day.
  • The finalized video delivery mode. (i.e ) Personalized USB or digital download delivery.
  • The size of the finalized video. (i.e ) The fully edited video or the 5 to 10 minutes highlight video.
  • Travel time to your wedding venue.
NB we don't charge travel costs for weddings in and around Gauteng ( Ts & Cs apply ) We have various wedding packages to choose from; These Include wedding video and photography packages combined, Wedding Photography, or Wedding Video packages as stand-alone packages. Additionally, our wedding packages and pricing vary in season.

Are you looking for 2022 Video Coverage Packages?

Videography Packages

How much is the average cost of wedding videography in South Africa?

Prices for wedding videography in South Africa vary based on the following factors:

  • The province you are acquiring the service where the wedding is taking place or where your Videographer is located.
  • The experience of your Videographer

In a nutshell, you will be looking to pay as little as R5,600 to R23,000 for wedding videography coverage. On the other hand, you will still find videographers charging up to R40,000.

The price gap has no role to play on the video quality, professionalism, and package contents. The simple logic is that the ones that charge the highest prefer to do fewer weddings annually.

Should you have more questions regarding wedding video packages and pricing for your big day. Would you please not hesitate to get in touch with us, Visit our portfolio or visit our FAQ section where we answer all questions alike.

Wedding videography prices

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How much does wedding videography cost?

The most basic packages are likely to start at R8000 going up. This also depends on the Videography company you plan to use. Some companies are cheaper than others depending on the style , approach and the gear they use.

How much per day for wedding videography?

Day packages include coverage for 8 and 12 hours of which 8 hours is at an average cost of R12 800
and 10 hours is capped R17600

Why is wedding videography so expensive?

Wedding Videography might seem quite costly because of the amount of planning and the work that the videographers put in before and after the wedding.

How much is wedding photography and videography

R16 000
Wedding Video and Photography packages start from R16 000, This price range consists of everything you need for a small wedding.

How much to spend on wedding photography and videography?

R30 000
If your budget allows you, the minimum you can spend on wedding video and photography should be R30 000 and more. This will enable you to get everything you need for your wedding, including printed albums and sometimes parents albums and video or website invitations.

How many hours of videography for a wedding?

8 hours
8 hours is the acceptable time for videography if you want everything captured. If your budget allows and you like to see your wedding from start to finish , 10 to 12 hours will cover you.

What time should wedding videography start

Wedding Videography should start at the time the bride is doing her makeup and the build up of the wedding. This enables you and the family to see the whole story told in one video from the start of the wedding till the end of the day.

How many cameras for wedding videography?

Wedding videography coverage requires at least 2 cameras, This will enable the videographers to capture the main event and the other camera focusing on the reaction from the guests.

What do you include in wedding videography films?

Wedding videography films include all the important details for the day such as the bridal and Groom preparations, The ceremony, the decor, reception, bouquet throwing, cutting of the cake , first dance etc.
What is the difference between wedding videography and cinematography?
wedding videography is part of video production which involves unstaged videos like weddings, parties etc and cinematography is staged video productions, films meant for cinemas or for public broadcasts

Wedding videography: how to capture audio?

Audio for wedding videography is best recorded separate, or direct from the Dj’s or the sound providers for a clear and crisp sound.


Our add-ons are crafted to give your wedding photos a super boost


If you are planning to have a two-day wedding, we have you covered. In fact, if you have booked us for your first-day wedding, we will give a major discount for the second-day shoot. Contact us and let’s see how we can be able to best assist you.


Add a drone to any of the videography packages to get that beautiful bird's eye's view of your big day. Enjoy the entire view of your wedding venue with all the features they offer by seeing it from above.

A drone will also add some life and breathtaking experience when you are watching your wedding video. After all, it is the video that you can watch to get the feel of the wedding the way it was, even 20 years down the line.


If you had opted for a highlight video and you feel like it's time to watch the entire video. Now is the time to add a documentary edit to your videography packages.

The documentary edit will empower you to see most of the events that happened before you joined your guests, and some of them might have happened in the blink of an eye. Take charge and enjoy the very best of the emotions, laughter and all the fun you and your family had on your big day, It's time to relive it and that time is now.


We love to push ourselves to the limit, why not take advantage of our hard work, skills and commitment by adding the same day edit. What this means is that you will have the privilege to receive all the most important wedding photos and video the day after your wedding.

Be that Bride and groom, that when your guests are bragging by the cellphone photos they took. You will be bragging about the high-quality photos and a high-quality highlight video for your entire wedding. Cut out the waiting period. It's worth it.


We understand that your family, friends, and distinguished guests graced your wedding day with either, words of wisdom, their attendance, and even assisted in the planning of your wedding.

With all they have done for your wedding to be possible, we will design personalized thank you cards to show how grateful and blessed you are to have them in your life.

We will even include a few of your wedding photos and send the thank you card through to you, one week after the wedding. Then you can enjoy your honeymoon without disturbing calls from guests asking to see your wedding photos.

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