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Our Wedding Photography and Videography Packages

Photography and Videography Packages that will save you time and money.

Our photography and videography packages are designed with full consideration of the overall wedding budget for different people. With that said, we have designed our packages ranging from small intimate weddings to large luxurious weddings so that every budget and every couple are not left out.

Paying exhausting sums of money should not be the motivation for world-class quality content. With us no matter which package you choose. Our photo and video quality are never compromised.

We have broken our video and photography packages into two classes of categories. Which include intimate weddings and Luxurious weddings. For Intimate weddings, we recommend our silver and Gold photography and Videography packages.

Silver and Gold Packages ( Intimate Weddings )

Silver and Gold wedding packages coverage ranges from a minimum of 6 to 8 hours coverage, With a possible option of adding, either more hours or Live streaming service to any platform for guests that can't make it to your wedding due to covid-19 Restrictions.

As Johannesburg wedding photographers, we understand the importance of wedding photography and videography for your special day. Therefore we have taken it upon ourselves into making sure that the quality of the videos and photographs we produce are up to standard. At Tc productions, Being on time, transparent, and understanding is one of our driving forces to success.

Therefore if your option is between the silver and gold package then rest assured. We guarantee you high-quality and great service all the way. We cant wait to be part of your wedding, Don't hesitate to contact us, if you need clarity on our silver and gold packages.

  • Silver Package

  • R16,000
    Or R1464.00 P/M On Credit
  • One Photographer
  • One Videographer
  • Six hours of uninterrupted coverage
  • 500 High-Resolution images
  • Highlight Video (up to 10 Minutes)
  • Personalized USB (Video & Photos)
  • Gold Package

  • R23,000
    Or R2104.00 P/M On Credit
  • One Photographer
  • One Videographer
  • Eight hours of uninterrupted coverage
  • 700 High-Resolution images
  • Highlight Video (up to 10 Minutes)
  • Personalized USB (Video & Photos)

Wedding Photography and videography packages.

Diamond and platinum packages (Luxurious Weddings)

Platinum Photography and videography packages form part of our second package category which is designed for luxurious weddings. These packages are designed for couples who are looking to have a full day’s coverage of the wedding and not looking to spend any more on upgrades.

The diamond and platinum packages include everything you need, you don’t only get maximum coverage, but you also get a premium 40 x 30 printed wedding album, Professionally designed wedding invitation, drone video, and photography coverage for that special Ariel view.

You will also get Friends books for 9 of your closest friends or family, and a Photobooth for extra entertainment for all guests. We trust that you will find our wedding photography and videography packages resourceful. We also have a fully detailed photography price list for you to download.

Should you have any questions regarding our wedding photography prices or any of the packages we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance as to how we can help you build a package of your choice.

  • Diamond Package

  • R33,000
    Or R3018.00 P/M On Credit
  • One Professional Photographer
  • Two Professional Videographers
  • Includes Drone coverage
  • Ten hours of uninterrupted coverage
  • 3 hours Photo booth
  • Personalized USB (Video & Photos)
  • Pre Wedding Photoshoot
  • 1200 High-Resolution images
  • Website Invitation
  • Video Invitation
  • Highlight Video (up to 5 Minutes)
  • Fully edited Video
  • 20 Paged 30 x 30 Personalized Album
  • 9 Printed friends book 20 paged 14 x 10 cm
  • Digital thank you card
  • Platinum Package

  • R44,000
    Or R4024.00 P/M On Credit
  • Two Professional Photographers
  • Two Professional Videographers
  • Includes Drone coverage
  • Twelve hours of uninterrupted coverage
  • 3 hours Photo booth
  • Personalized USB (Video & Photos)
  • Pre Wedding Photoshoot
  • 1200 High-Resolution images
  • Website Invitation
  • Video Invitation
  • Highlight Video (up to 5 Minutes)
  • Fully edited Video
  • 20 Paged 40 x 30 Personalized Album
  • 9 Printed friends book 20 paged 14 x 10 cm
  • Digital thank you card

Wedding DJ packages

We have upgraded the TC productions experience by adding the wedding DJ to the services we offer. Instead of having Just Wedding video and photography from us, we now give you the convenience of booking all the services you need under one roof. We pride ourselves on high-quality technology and the most experienced role players in the industry.

Our Promise to you.

Rest assured the services we offer complement each other, For example, Great video quality needs the best audio quality and vice versa. when we say our wedding video, photography, and DJ Packages were made with you in mind, we mean it. It's time for you to join the winning team.

TC productions the Top wedding video, photography, and Sound company in South Africa. We always look forward to being part of your big day.

  • Gold Package

  • R6 000
    Or R549.00 P/M On Credit
  • 8 hours Package
  • 1x 18” Bass Bin
  • 2x 15” Speakers
  • 2x Microphones
  • Amplifier + Mixer
  • Diamond Package

  • R8 000
    Or R732.00 P/M On Credit
  • 12 hours Package
  • 1x 18” Bass Bin
  • 2x 15” Speakers
  • 2x Microphones
  • Amplifier + Mixer

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What is wedding photography?

It's a specialized area of focus on events mainly weddings. wedding photography however extends to events leading to the wedding which includes pre wedding photoshoots, engagement photoshoots and post-wedding photoshoots mostly done by Higher level wedding photographers.

What is documentary wedding Photography?

It is a series of wedding photographs taken from the beginning of the wedding, till the end of the day, with the goal of telling a complete story for the day without any staged events.

What is Fine art wedding Photography?

Fine art wedding photography is higher-level wedding photography that is difficult to explain but easy to spot.

How much Does wedding photography Cost?


The cost of wedding Photography Varies by Location or country. Wedding Photography in Johannesburg and Cape town usually ranges from R8 000 ranging up to R50 000. The wedding Photography Johannesburg prices also depend on the level of experience the photography professional possesses, The more experienced they are the higher the price.

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

Wedding photography might seem expensive because of the amount of work before and after the wedding. There is a lot of work that needs to be done by the photographer before the wedding and there include:
● Pre Wedding Photoshoot ( Engagement photoshoot) which is usually included in most wedding packages.
● Editing of the pre wedding photos
● Visiting the wedding venue and scouting for the photoshoot Locations.
● Drafting the wedding day photoshoot mood board and listing the types of poses that are more likely to be considered.
After the wedding
● Post-production /editing of the photos
● selection process
● Album design and printing
● Packaging etc…
With that said there is a lot that needs to be taken into account when determining wedding photography prices.

How Much to spend on wedding photography?

R16 000
Spending on wedding photography depends on what you as a couple need to see after the wedding, An average spend of R16 000 rand might get you a significant amount of photographs plus an average wedding album.

What is included in a wedding photography package?

A typical wedding package usually includes:
● Two Professional Photographers
● Twelve hours of uninterrupted coverage
● Pre Wedding Photoshoot
● Video invitation
● 1200 High-Resolution images
● 20 Paged 40 x 30 Personalized Album
● 9 Printed friends book 20 page 14 x 10 cm
● Personalized USB (Video & Photos)
● Digital download delivery
● Digital thank you card

What to tell your photographer?

The dress code.
Order of service for the day.
Also, provide your photographer with a possible shortlist for the day with the names of the key attendees.

How long does it take to edit wedding photos?

2 to 3 weeks.
Wedding photos take a little longer to edit because professional Photographers pay undivided attention to every photograph.

How many Photos do you get from a wedding photographer?

700 +
Although the number of Photos you get is always package dependent, Meaning the more hours of Photography you book, the more photos you get, However, the acceptable number of Photos is anything over 700 photos

How long does it take to get your wedding photos back.

2 to 3 weeks
Wedding photographers are more likely to take longer with wedding photos because they give all the photos individual attention. In most cases, you are likely to get a few photos at least 3 days after the wedding for social media posts and for sharing with family.

How many edited photos for a wedding?

700 +
The acceptable number of edited photos is 700 or more, although this number depends on the package and also. Some of the important photos might be given more attention than others especially the ones that will make it for print if you have an album.

How to save on wedding photography?

Saving is very important to everybody. To save more money on wedding photography it is best that you book a company that offers multiple services under one roof, such as getting and video and photography combo, also check to see if the company has specials plus knowing the difference between wants and needs.

How many hours of wedding photography do I need?

8 hours.
The average number of hours needed at any given wedding is between 8 and 10 hours. Most of all it all depends on your budget. If you however need all the wedding details covered. 8 hours is the recommended minimum coverage for wedding photography.

How long does it take to take wedding photos?

1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours
1 hour 30 minutes is more acceptable for wedding photos, however, if the couple is more relaxed with time and they love Photos. Photoshoot time can be stretched to 2 hours.

When does wedding photography start?

Wedding Photography usually starts during the bridal and group preparation session or the makeup session. However, all this depends on the package you have chosen and the time that you are comfortable for your professional photographers to start.

How many Photos to give the bride after the wedding?

The average number of photos taken by wedding photographers is usually around 500 to 1200 or sometimes more. Most photographers will only deliver the number of photos as agreed on the contract despite the number of photos taken. The selection of the photos to give to the couple is usually at the photographer’s discretion.

What happens after the bridal party takes photos?

When Photographers are done taking photos with the bridal party, It is usually time to do a one on one photography session with the bride and groom. It all however depends on how the day is structure.

What are the bridal party photos?

These are the group photos of the entire bridal entourage with or without the bride and groom.

How long do bridal party Photos take?

20 to 30 Minutes
The bridal party photo session usually lasts between 20 to 30 minutes. This session is dependent on the time agreed with the couple.

How long for wedding photos after the ceremony?

To get the best results, The family photos shouldn't last over 20 minutes, Wedding party photos another 30 minutes. and then the couple an additional 40 to 45 minutes.

What to do with wedding photos?

Wedding Photos are meant to be preserved and shared with friends and family.

How many photos are in a wedding album?

The number of photos in a wedding album is usually capped at 60. However it is dependent on the album size, should you be printing a 30x30 album you will most likely see 50 to 60 photos. If it's 40 x 30 you are more likely to see 60 + photos.

Where to get wedding photos printed?

Wedding Photographers know most of the places where you can have your photos printed. You can get that information from your photographer or get the printing lab details from your photographer as well.


Our add-ons are crafted to give your wedding photos a super boost


If you are planning to have a two-day wedding, we have you covered. In fact, if you have booked us for your first-day wedding, we will give a major discount for the second-day shoot. Contact us and let’s see how we can be able to best assist you.


Add a drone to any of the videography packages to get that beautiful bird's eye's view of your big day. Enjoy the entire view of your wedding venue with all the features they offer by seeing it from above.

A drone will also add some life and breathtaking experience when you are watching your wedding video. After all, it is the video that you can watch to get the feel of the wedding the way it was, even 20 years down the line.


If you had opted for a highlight video and you feel like it's time to watch the entire video. Now is the time to add a documentary edit to your videography packages.

The documentary edit will empower you to see most of the events that happened before you joined your guests, and some of them might have happened in the blink of an eye. Take charge and enjoy the very best of the emotions, laughter and all the fun you and your family had on your big day, It's time to relive it and that time is now.


We love to push ourselves to the limit, why not take advantage of our hard work, skills and commitment by adding the same day edit. What this means is that you will have the privilege to receive all the most important wedding photos and video the day after your wedding.

Be that Bride and groom, that when your guests are bragging by the cellphone photos they took. You will be bragging about the high-quality photos and a high-quality highlight video for your entire wedding. Cut out the waiting period. It's worth it.


We understand that your family, friends, and distinguished guests graced your wedding day with either, words of wisdom, their attendance, and even assisted in the planning of your wedding.

With all they have done for your wedding to be possible, we will design personalized thank you cards to show how grateful and blessed you are to have them in your life.

We will even include a few of your wedding photos and send the thank you card through to you, one week after the wedding. Then you can enjoy your honeymoon without disturbing calls from guests asking to see your wedding photos.

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