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Wedding Vow Renewal

“How To Have a Wedding Vow Renewal”

Are you the person who loves to celebrate their special days again and again? Who loves to cherish their best days with the same vibes and live those moments again and again?

Let’s discuss the vow renewal, yes, I am talking about your wedding commitments. It sounds exciting and crazy. A vow renewal is a great way to celebrate your love and reaffirm the promises you made to each other on your special day.

Wedding Vow Renewal

What Is a Vow Renewal?

A vow renewal is an occasion for the couples to renew their vow statement as taken on their wedding day. It is another way of living their deepest way of love and maturity between both partners. A vow

renewal is not meant for the second wedding. On the other hand, it is meant for the more personalized way of celebrating love with family and friends at your fingertips.

A vow renewal occasion was especially famous when the couples reached the milestone of their wedding. This means when they completed 10, 15, 25 years of their bond. Otherwise, there is a lot of reason to celebrate their vow renewals.

If you are thinking about having your vow renewal and celebrating marriage day again. You can easily plan this celebration with a little mentoring from the specialist.

 Why Do It

So many people ask us how they renew their wedding vows. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate their wedding vows. Because every pair has their comfortability and personalized level of privacy.

Before you know how you can renew your wedding vow. you need to know why you want to renew your wedding vow. The most important thing to the renewal of the wedding vow should be meaningful to you and your partner. Below are many reasons why couples want to do it:

  •  Your bond has achieved a particular milestone, like the 10th or 25th anniversary, now you want to celebrate this by renewing your statements to spend the rest of life with only that person.
  • You have faced a challenging path in your life in your marriage and now you overcome this and want to start a new journey of your life with a commitment to each other again.
  • Here is one more reason that can be possible. Maybe your actual wedding wasn’t planned, maybe you elope or had a courthouse wedding can be the reason so, here is a chance you can celebrate your vow renewal again.

How you can renew your wedding vow

How you can renew your wedding vow is totally up to you. Who will host your ceremony, where you can celebrate this, who will officiate this ceremony, whom you can invite, what your invitation includes, how your dress, how can celebrate the ceremony. all above things you should be included in how you can renew your wedding vow.

Now, I am here to guide you to how you can plan this:

Who will host your vow renewal? Many couples give this responsibility to their child to host the whole ceremony of renewal or can be hosted by your close friend or any of your family members. who knows about the guest. whom they can welcome the guest on your behalf.

Where can you renew vows? You can renew your wedding vows at your worship place. it can be your terrace, lawn, on the beachside location, on a cruise, or can be your backyard. basically, anywhere where it is meaningful to you and your spouse.

Who will officiate your vow renewal?  Anyone can officiate your wedding vow renewal. it is not a legally binding ceremony like your wedding. So, it can be officiated by your head of your family, your close friend, and your family and can be your child. The best thing is you also can also add or make changes in your vows because of the maturity of the relationship.

Whom you can invite? You must choose to invite your near and dear close family friends. who knows you through the years. But if you can throw a large party then you can invite a large number of family and friends.

What things should the invitation include? Your invitation should be like

 ”We are requesting you to present at the renewal of our wedding vows Mr. & Mrs.”

and if the invitation is given by the children of renewal couples so, it can be like:

”The children of Mr. & Mrs. are inviting you to come to the reaffirming ceremony of our parents”

Your outfits and accessories that you will wear in this ceremony are totally up to you, which means feel free to dress up. If you are a bride, you can wear your wedding gown or give a touch of minimal accessories. If you are a groom you can choose a matching shade of suit with an upgraded tie or vest.

Decor and props are a good idea to celebrate your wedding vow. You can decorate your venue with a pastel color theme and add a little punch of games and performance. Don’t forget to hire a wedding photographer for capturing these precious moments of your life.

Do and don’ts of wedding vow renewal

A vow renewal ceremony is popular nowadays. We are here to keep you on track of do and don’ts of vow renewal etiquette.


  •     Your vow invitation looks like your wedding invitation.
  •     Celebrate it with your close family and friends.
  •     Wear an elegant dress of any nice color that can be white.
  •     Choose small bouquets that include a few pastels colors flowers.
  •     Invite all your guests to the dance floor.
  •     Serve anniversary-style cake.


  •     Don’t list hostname on the invitation.
  •     Don’t spend hundreds of dollars.
  •     Don’t invite distant family and friends you haven’t spoken to in over a year.
  •     Don’t expect gifts from your guests.
  •     Don’t order multi-tiered wedding-style cake.

Hope all the above information will help you to plan your wedding vow renewal.

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