Photography Prices: Balancing Quality and Affordability

Unbeatable Corporate Photography Prices Tailored to Your Needs

When it comes to corporate photography, our pricing strategy takes into account a variety of factors, ensuring you receive premium service designed to suit your individual needs. As such, we consider key variables to give you the best quote for your bespoke photography session.

The factors affecting our corporate photography prices include the following:

  1. Location: Whether the shoot is set in our professional studio or a location of your preference, we adapt accordingly to provide exceptional results.
  2. Number of Participants: The number of people involved in the shoot influences the scope of the project, and we ensure everyone is captured in the best light.
  3. Duration of Booking: Whether it’s a quick session or an all-day event, the number of hours booked is factored into the cost.
  4. Quantity of Photos: The number of final images you desire is also considered, as this influences the time spent shooting and post-processing.
  5. Project Complexity: The time required to plan and execute the photography session is also factored into our prices.

Our commitment is to offer you unbeatable corporate photography prices while maintaining a high-quality standard, making us an ideal choice for your corporate photography needs. 

Portrait Photography Rates

Our pricing structure for corporate photography is crafted to offer a broad spectrum of choices, prioritizing top-tier service and cost-effectiveness.

Corporate photography rates start from R800 and typically include the following features:

  • Corporate Portrait Photography
  • Business Profile Photography
  • Models / Actors / Musicians
  • Business Headshots

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Tailored Event Photography Prices in Johannesburg & Pretoria

We’re thrilled to provide a range of event photography prices for corporate events across South Africa. Our expert Professional corporate photography services encompass year-end functions, conferences, forums, internal events, product launches, award ceremonies, team-building sessions, and other commercial events.

Just as professional portraiture enhances your brand, quality photography of conferences and events plays a pivotal role. It showcases your business in action, becoming an invaluable resource for marketing, social media, newsletters, and internal communications.

On the day of the event, we come prepared with the following:

  1. Professional mirrorless cameras
  2. Professional lighting equipment
  3. Photography Tripod
  4. Drone, if required
  5. Softbox etc.

Our Event Photography Pricing Structure

We offer flexible corporate event pricing based on the duration of coverage you require, with half-day rates, full-day rates, and custom hours that can be tailored according to the event’s start and end time.

  • 4 Hours Coverage
  • 6 Hours Coverage
  • 8 Hours Coverage
  • Custom Hours (Create Your Package)

All our coverage rates include editing, a private online gallery, and transportation if the event is held in Johannesburg. 

Prepare for your next corporate photoshoot

Photography Prices


Factors that affect corporate photography prices include

  1. Photographer’s Experience and Expertise
  2. Type and Scope of the Project
  3. Equipment and Resources Required
  4. Time and Location
  5. Image Usage and Licensing
  6. Post-Production Editing and Retouching
  7. Additional Services and Deliverables

Yes, some corporate portrait photographers offer both photography and videography services. However, checking with your professional photographer to confirm their capabilities and experience in both areas is best.

Corporate photography is the act of taking photos for businesses and organizations. It can include everything from headshots of executives and employees to images of products, events, and office spaces.

Corporate photography can help businesses establish a professional image, attract and retain customers through marketing materials, and build community through visual records of events and employees.

The length of a typical corporate photography session can vary, but it usually takes between 1-3 hours, depending on the number of people, locations, and specific requirements.

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