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Pre Wedding Photoshoot Johannesburg

The pre-wedding Photoshoot operates as a tester to help prepare you as a couple for the wedding day ahead. It also helps us as Professional wedding photographers to understand the type of photos you like, the types of couple poses you are comfortable with and also it helps us to understand your love story so we can interpret it better through images.

Pre-wedding photos can also be used on your video or website invitation, which is also another service we offer, either individually or incorporated as part of our wedding video and photography packages.

  • Silver Photoshoot

  • R1500
  • 1 Hour
  • 30 to 40 Photos
  • Edited Photos on Disc
  • Includes Outfit Changing
  • Professional Make up Included
  • Gold Photoshoot

  • R1800
  • 1hr 30 Min
  • 30 to 40 Photos
  • Edited Photos on Disc
  • Includes Outfit Changing
  • Professional Make up Included
  • Diamond Photoshoot

  • R2000
  • 2 Hours
  • 30 to 40 Photos
  • Edited Photos on Disc
  • Includes Outfit Changing
  • Professional Make up Included

Pre-wedding Photoshoot packages.

Some of our wedding video and photography packages include pre-wedding photos. For your understanding, we have also compiled a pre-wedding photoshoot portfolio, for you to understand our approach and the level of experience we possess. We would also love to know the type of pre-wedding poses you have in mind and the type of wedding pictures you will like to see.

Studio Photography

Studio Photoshoot

Studio and Outdoor photoshoot packages available here

Pre Wedding Photoshoot FAQ

What is the purpose of a pre wedding photoshoot?

The engagement photo shoot is usually meant for memories as it is most likely to be the last photoshoot that the couple will have before they are married. The engagement photos are also used for invitation purposes.

How to request to use a venue for an engagement photoshoot?

If you have booked the same venue for your wedding, then it shouldn't be a problem trying to use the venue. However, if you have not yet booked the venue, you can use it for a fee or opt for a public place that is usually free to use. Alternatively, ask your photographer for recommendations.

What to wear for an engagement photoshoot?

Dressing up for an engagement photoshoot shouldn't be a daunting task, Most couple will go for semi-formal, traditional, or anything that means a lot to you as a couple

What is the average cost of engagement photoshoot?

Pre-wedding photography is usually included with your wedding package. Please check with your photographer if you are not aware. However, if you booked a package that does not include pre-wedding photos, you can book it separately starting from R1500.

How many Photos for an engagement photoshoot?

Depending on the hours you booked, For a normal one-hour photoshoot with no outfit change, you will be looking at 40 to 50 photos. If there is an outfit change within that hour you should expect less otherwise you might need to book more hours

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