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Memoire Wedding Photographer

Why choose a trusted Memoire wedding photographer and Videographer?

Memoire wedding photographer endorsement doesn’t come to every photographer. In this article, we will talk about being a Memoire wedding photographer and the benefits that come with it.

You might have chosen Memoire as your venue and now you are looking for a wedding photographer to complement your choice. Or you are considering choosing Memoire, well you are not lost as choosing Memoire requires you to choose a wedding photographer who is familiar with the venue and meets the standards of the venue.

Memoire is a great upmarket wedding venue in muldersdrift west of Johannesburg. Johannesburg Is a big city in Gauteng with over a million residents with thousands of wedding photographers and wedding venues. Although it is located in the midst of other wedding venues Memoire stands out.

What does it take to be a Memoire Wedding Photographer?

As I mentioned above that Memoire is an upmarket wedding venue, they have strict policies on who is endorsed as their trusted wedding photographer or supplier. Memoire holds events almost every weekend, sometimes even on weekdays. So early booking is vitally important! They also hold an open day twice or three times a year where top selected providers are invited to showcase their work. The service providers will include wedding photographers, videographers, florists, Makeup artists, hairdressers, etc.

This event is strictly by invitation and from the attendance and the preference of the guests a trusted Memoire wedding photographer is selected on the basis that they provide high-quality service, and meet the requirements of representing this upmarket venue.

It is only the bitter truth that only the best makes the cut.

How we became a trusted Memoire wedding photographer?

At TC productions we believe in high quality and affordable service, below is how we made the cut to be a trusted Memoire wedding photographer.

  1. High-end Photography Gear
  2. Quality service
  3. Great customer service
  4. Great knowledge of Memoire wedding venue
  5. Over 10 years of experience shooting wedding photography at Memoire and surrounding areas.

The best way to know a Memoire wedding photographer is a real professional is to ask them to show you different images from Memoire wedding venue. Once you know you are dealing with a top Memoire wedding photographer you check the photography styles, experience, and reviews to see if their traits meet your taste and personality.

Benefits of being a Memoire wedding photographer and knowing you are making the right choice
  1. Beautiful evergreen gardens for photoshoots
  2. Extra big chapel that accommodates more than 100 guests with ample space for photographers to move around.
  3. Big and sunny bridal and groom’s suite that can accommodate the whole bridal party
  4. Makeup room with natural light
  5. Big reception area makes it easier for the wedding photographer to move around.
  6. Hands-on management.


This guide was drafted to save you time browsing around. We also come highly recommended in other venues and our experience and quality of photography say the rest. We trust that this guide will be of help, don’t hesitate to ask us about Memoire wedding venue or our experience as a Memoire wedding photographer.

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