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Traditional Photo Shoot Ideas

When booking or thinking of having a photo shoot its always better to think outside the box. Most people only appreciate studio photoshoot which is great. At TC productions we go the extra mile and cater for traditional Photo Shoot which is not that popular in the morden day of photography how ever its a great way of embracing your roots.Apart from the traditional photoshoot we also offer events photoshoot, wedding photoshoot , martenity or even baby Photoshoot. Our Photo shoot sessions are not limited to the studio we also travel to your prefered location.

What to wear for a traditional Photo shoot?

Although we have props to use for traditional Photo shoot you are always welcome to put on your traditional attire or anything that symbolizes your roots and embraces your tradition.Under normal circurmstances we love and respect all traditions so you can wear anything traditional. Check out our packages to see what option works for you!

How much is a Traditional Photo shoot?

The price is not usually set on stone, two or more factors must be considererd. Will you be opting for a studio shoot or a location shoot. How many People do you intend bringing? What is your budget for the shoot?  Once these questions are answered we will then be able to give you an acurate quote.

Can i bring my family for the shoot?

Its entirely up to you but if you have a bigger family it might as well add up to the pricing, However if you are not really concerned with the pricing you are more than welcome to bring your family and sometimes your best friends if you are more confortable to have them around.

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