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Unique Place for Wedding Photography in Vaal River

Are you getting married in the Vaal south of the Greater Gauteng Province? If so, it is very important that you find the best spot for wedding photography in Vaal to ensure you get the breathtaking photos for your beautiful day. Professional photographers present their customers with a variety of options ranging from formal to candid informal shots. The Good news is that you have the right to choose the type of photography you want based on your personality and the wedding theme.

In this article, we talk mainly about wedding photography in Vaal river on the outskirts of Johannesburg.

Wedding Photography in Vaal.

Vaal river is definitely on the list for people intending to visit Gauteng. Vaal river presents us with multiple resorts and wedding venues. One idea is to have your wedding on the riverside which will indeed give your wedding photography in vaal a boost because of the backdrop and the activities around.

Should you choose to have your wedding in the boat, the views are priceless and your wedding photographer will be presented with some creative provocative ideas that will leave your guest talking about your wedding for the longest time.

Speedboats ideas for the couple who desires to have fun with their wedding photography in vaal.

The Lake resorts offer incredible backdrops for formal photography. Another idea is to have the newlyweds on the boat docking overlooking a fully flooded vaal river, with great light and daytime advantages, your photographer will capture amazing Romantic shots.

Lionel and Joeleen Wedding experience in the vaal.

It wasn’t a normal Johannesburg day. The sun was up, the sky was blue and most of all Lionel and joeleen were getting married in Gauteng’s top wedding venues Stonehaven in the vaal.

After the makeup and all the preparations from the nearby hotels where the bride and groom and the guests had checked in. It was time for the couple to take a boat ride of their lives and exchange their vows and rings.

This would be an unforgettable boat ride wedding with a great wedding photography experience. The boat was already on deck ready to depart. The upper deck was beautifully decorated for the ceremony where the couple exchanged their vows and rings as the magical silent wind took control.

The reception was to take place in the lower deck where it was fully decorated with a massive dance floor. It was an interracial wedding which presented us with different color options for wedding photography. As the day went by, they danced and celebrated that night as the boat sailed away into the deep dark blue rivers of the vaal.

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