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5 Tips to having high quality Beautiful Wedding Photos.

Every Wedding Photographer wants you to have beautiful wedding photos. To achieve this goal, you need to do a few things.

  1. Hire a professional Wedding Photographer.
  2. Choose the best wedding season.
  3. Hire a Professional makeup artist.
  4. Hire a beautiful wedding Venue.
  5. Have plenty of time reserved for a Photo shoot.

We will now go into detail about the above tips to have a memorable wedding.

  • Hire a professional wedding Photographer.

To get beautiful wedding photos you will need to hire a professional wedding Photographer. We live in a world where there are dodgy, un professional people who claim to be the best in the industry. The bitter truth is they might ruin your Wedding Photos. Before you hire your preferred photographer, do your research by checking their online presence, their reviews or even asking friends about the wedding photographer. The professional photographer you hire must have massive wedding photography experience and they must specialize in wedding photography.

  • Choose the best Wedding Season.

Choosing the season, you want to have your wedding will determine the type of wedding photos you will get after the wedding. As we all know that lighting has a positive or negative impact on the quality of your wedding photos. If the lighting is limited, there is a chance you will get poor quality photos. This also applies to having a lot of light. Pay a lot of attention to the photoshoot timing on your wedding day. In Summer time the sun stays up longer and this is different to the winter season.

Should you decide to have a winter wedding, schedule the photoshoot session a little earlier in the day so you can take advantage of natural light. Most people are accustomed to taking wedding photos after the ceremony, however doing a few photos before has its on advantages. By so doing you will have nice , clean looking high quality photos using the natural light.

  • Hire a professional makeup artist.

There is a myth that is making rounds at weddings that a professional makeup artist is only for models, this is not true. For your Wedding photos to look the best you need to look good. Hiring a professional photographer doesn’t guarantee that you will get good looking photos if your makeup is unbearable. Make sure your professional make-up artist will apply make up to most of the people you want to see on your photos.

  • Hire a beautiful venue.

Hiring a wedding venue with beautiful evergreen gardens, water features is an added advantage to getting beautiful photos. Though this is optional but its quite important, we know that wedding venues can be quite costly but if you have the resources go for a high-end wedding venue.

  • Have plenty of time reserved for the Photoshoot.

One of the leading reasons to poor wedding photos is lack of sufficient photo shoot time. Most of the wedding photographers are usually pressurized to be in a hurry, in most cases the pressure comes from the guests because they are hungry or tired of waiting. In other cases, the bride gets tired before enough photos have been captured. This is because the brides usually get tired of walking around in new high heeled shoes and a heavy dress.

To avoid this from happening we suggest that we take the photos of the parents and other key guests that are available at least the day before. This will reduce the number of photos that need to be taken on the day, therefore leaves the wedding photographer with ample time for high quality wedding photos.


Follow these tips and when in doubt ask your Photographer, your professional photographer has a lot of experience in doing wedding and their experience is not only limited to taking photos. They know things about wedding venues, wedding vendors or suppliers. As a rule, to never be broken don’t compromise your wedding photos, always hire a professional wedding photographer.

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