Zanele and Lesego At Rolling Waters Country Estate

Rolling waters country estate is one spectacular venue, also known as the upmarket wedding venue in Pretoria, For its craftsmanship, creative nature, and state-of-the-art facilities. The horse stables, vintage props, and high roofs are the ones that kept Zanele and Lesego drooling over its features right from the onset. The passionate team of wedding coordinators aims to transform any wedding into a glamorous, prestigious event. For a couple like Zanele and Lesego, a venue like rolling waters is recommended as it meets the upmarket criteria and has zero competition.

Rolling waters country estate; For the best wedding experience.

The lush gardens and wine barrels at the rolling waters country estate are a great addition to what we call one of the best wedding venues in Gauteng. Zanele and Lesego enjoyed the luxury of spacious rooms for their preparation sessions, including their bridal party. This part of the wedding was on point as all the service providers delivered over and above what was expected. This session was preceded by the wedding ceremony, which took place at the chapel with high roofs, where the couple exchanged their vows and signed the marriage register in the presence of their loved ones.

Rolling Waters Country estate – Perfect for Wedding Photography

It turns out rolling waters country estate is not only beautiful from the ground, but A breathtaking Ariel’s view from above is also possible as approached by TC productions. Our team had a great time and enjoyed all the facilities rolling waters offered. From the ever-flowing rivers to the horse stables, our experience was unbelievable. The couple’s flexibility, proper planning, and knowing exactly what they wanted making our tasks effortless. The involvement of the venue in pointing out picturesque locations time and again was a cherry on top.

After the extraordinary photo shoot session, the couple proceeded to their reception area, where they had a grand entrance welcomed by friends and family. The dance moves exhibited by the couple left everyone in awe. The wedding reception proceedings included cutting the cake, the couple’s first dance, and a full-course meal. Zanele and lesego closed the night off with a moving speech where they let their humility flow in appreciation of the family and friends involved in the entire planning process and a heartfelt appreciation of the service providers.