Albert and Mariske At Oxbow Country Estate

Oxbow country estate is an exquisite countryside wedding venue just outside Pretoria. Albert and Mariske tied their knot and shared their love in the presence of their family and friends at the foothills of the Magaliesberg range. The couple was afforded the luxury of using the Honeymoon suite for their preparations; then, they headed to the pavilion gardens, where they recited their vows at the Oxbow country estate’s scenic gardens surrounded by the Osspruit river waterfront.

Oxbow Country Estate: Romantic Wedding venue in Pretoria.

The Oxbow Country estate is a breathtaking wedding venue that makes photography flow effortlessly. In the case of Albert and Mariske, it was even much easier because of the planning and organizational efforts they put in during the planning process.

Albert and Mariske’s venue choice was one of the many good decisions they took to make photography flow effortlessly.
Photographing Albert and Mariske’s wedding was an excellent opportunity to explore, experience, and capture the scenic views of Oxbow country estate.
We enjoyed taking spellbinding photos at the estate’s historic Gardens, including the Rustic oxbow bridge, white fence bridge, and the Dam.
The newlyweds went on to enjoy their winter wedding evening reception at the riverbed hall, exposing the aesthetic river at the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset where we captured their first dance, wedding games, cutting of the cake, and speeches for their unforgettable experience.

Albert and Mariske’s wedding allowed TC productions to explore the stunning views of Oxbow country estate and learn and appreciate their culture and tradition in a diverse south Africa. Although their union was amid the Covid 19 pandemic, It was a great time for very close family members and friends to meet each other in person, share a meal, and have laughter. With the rest of the family and friends joining virtually from across the world.
Their wedding videos and photos will always serve as a symbol of love, a reminder of the biggest moment in their lives and their beautiful memories will be preserved for their family for generations to come serving as an inspiration for their family.

The wedding was a memorable day, and we are thrilled to have been part of their happily ever after.

“There is one thing a Photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”

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