Traditional Wedding SA

What is a traditional wedding SA?

A traditional wedding SA is a ceremony where two people are joined together following the culture or the tradition of where they come from. Traditional wedding SA is also used to celebrate love mostly under the customary law of South Africa. Although traditional wedding SA is recognized on its own. Most couples like to have both the traditional wedding and the white wedding so as to fulfill their wishes.

Some people will confuse the two however both white and traditional weddings don’t replace each other. They have the same recognition according to the south African customary laws. If you choose to hold a traditional wedding you will still be recognized as married, That goes the same for the white wedding.

Our Love for traditional weddings.

We love to be part of the Traditional Wedding SA. They are lively colorful and Joyful. South Africa has a great diverse culture and south Africans like to come together when celebrating weddings and embrace their cultures and traditions. In most cases the weddings we do are inter-cultural and we get to be part of the amazing event and we learn a whole lot that we didn’t know about the cultures and traditions of different people in our country. At Tc productions, we love to film and photograph your traditional weddings because it is usually one time that we experience the cultures.

Prince and Mpumi traditional wedding.

With Mpumi and prince, it was a beautiful day with the couple saying I do in traditional wedding dresses, having in mind that both are from two worlds apart. The Bridal family has a different Zulu culture and the Grooms Family with a Setswana culture and background. Having them celebrate their love in this beautiful union joined by their families and friends.

Prince and Mpumi attended medical school together for the longest time it was easier for both of them to understand and embrace their cultures because they already knew about each other’s cultures and traditions. Though their ceremony was quite short for the visitors the truth is everyone really had a great time.

The first day of the wedding.

The night before there was a group of Setswana Dancers, and later that night joined by the Zulu Dancers, the Rituals that are performed the night before are very interesting. They actually give one lifelong thought to invoke homework of where we come from as a country, and a big lesson to the young ones to be able to embrace their cultural background and never be ashamed.

The slaughtering of the goats and cows just to join the couple together is just beautiful. Most invited guests will only experience the time when everything is said and done that time it will be just wrapping it off in food, drinks, and dance. If you are having a wedding in South Africa it is wiser that you have the second day reserved solely for the traditional wedding SA.

It will not only be exciting but it will give true love, joy and happiness to the elders mostly the parents, grandparents because they don’t want to move away from their roots. Showing the elders that though we live in modern societies and communities we still love to embrace, enjoy who we are as a people and as a nation.

Traditional wedding decor

As much as we are aware with regards to the traditional wedding expenses, we should always remember that traditional wedding decor plays a big role in the day. Apart from the ceremonies and events taking place, the traditional wedding decor is the one that reflects the true colors and the beauty of south Africans.

South Africa is a country with massive traditions in most cases just like the Mpumi and prince wedding, There was a mixture of colors because when they are people with different traditional or cultural beliefs that are joined together in love so is the traditional wedding SA, the decor, the food, and the traditional wedding dresses. Traditional weddings are highly respected and never taken for granted so the service provider who does the decor must have a vast knowledge of the traditional and cultural beliefs of the two.

Traditional outfits pictures

Wedding photography plays a big role in one’s wedding, Traditional outfit pictures will showcase the beauty of your wedding. After all, is said and done you will want to see the photos or the video for your traditional wedding. Apart from that taking, detailed traditional outfit pictures will help to see the finer details that you were probably not aware of. Family and friends will also check with you to see if there are any traditional photos for them to share and show their excitement.

How is a traditional wedding ceremony conducted?

A traditional wedding is conducted fairly like a white wedding. There are differences because the traditional wedding is more cultural depending on the backgrounds of the couple. Normally It starts with the paying of the bride price ( lobola) in South African terms.

Then when both families have agreed and are happy with the arrangements, Both families will now buy gifts for each other and exchange them. Included in the gift exchange is the slaughtering of the cow or goat as a symbol of celebration. Which is then followed by lunch or dinner, this part of the ceremony will now include friends and family to serve as witnesses.

If the couple are not planning to have a white wedding they will then be required to approach the chief to give them a letter proving that they are now married. And then finally registering the marriage with the department of home affairs.