Non traditional wedding dresses

Non traditional wedding dresses are currently trending only because we are a generation of individuals who understand that although white dresses are classic they are not the only option. Brides are getting more creative nowadays by not sticking to the traditional white wedding dress.

This is simply because every bride wants to stand out. We truly love it when brides go all the way to explore the world of fashion.

Non traditional wedding dresses are not different only that the brightness and beautiful colours will make you feel like you are a princess walking down the red carpet. In wedding photography, a colourful wedding dress is an added advantage because your wedding photos will be very beautiful.

In most cases, brides will get confused by Non traditional wedding dresses and they believe they have to go all out and hire a fashion designer.

Our Tip is sometimes you might want to explore your roots. If you are lucky to be living or getting married in South Africa. We have over eleven South African traditional wedding options to choose from. We are a country rich in diversity and if you are going the South African traditional wedding route. You won’t be disappointed by the colour options as we a nation that loves colour.